Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Things

Hello! How are you doing today? Did you have a good Tuesday so far? Ours has been uneventful - and that is great!

I'm sure you guys are dying to hear how the whole needle thing went down this morning. Well, I can assure you, Nick could also have become a very successful surgeon. The shot I got at the orthopedist's office hurt significantly more than the one Nick gave me. So, if he ever decides to change his career path, I will give him a great recommendation.

Now, that I am struggling to walk without poking my eyes our, or hitting the people around me, Nick has taken over most of the duties around the house. He's not only taking care of me, but also of Lucy, the vacuuming, the coffee (the highest priorities around here) and everything else that needs to be done. I don't know what I would do without him. He's my absolute hero. Every day.


While whining about my stress fracture seems very tempting at any given time, there are so many things that have been nothing but wonderful lately. 

- A Haribo super sale! Last week, one bag of happiness was only €0.50! Of course, I had to stock up... and get Flutschfinger while I'm there... and band-aids (just in case).

Yes, that's my finger in the upper right corner.
I took this picture super secret spy style. 
- A completely empty wagon on the subway. 
This happened on the way to school after the MRI. It was heavenly. Almost too much for me to handle, but only almost. I switched seats about 10 times, just to make sure I checked out all possible choices and picked the best one. 

Best possible seat.

- Darts! Nick and I love to go and play darts. We have spent quite some time looking for a good place to play in Berlin. We finally found one that we both like on Friday nights. The lady that works at the bar on those days is just the sweetest! Not only does she give me a full liter bottle of water and doesn't mess up our order, but she also feeds us - with free snacks!

I have to admit that I get really bummed out when Nick is getting too good. (Yes, I know, it's a terrible character trait. I should be ashamed. I really should be.) There were plenty of times when we would play 6 to 10 games in a row and I would not win once. For weeks. This guy just has a talent for everything! Rude! Then, something happened and I have been winning a game here and there. So much more fun! I now love playing with him again! (Since I am definitely not getting better at this, I think Nick is letting me win.)

- A tool box! Yes, Nick found a tool box in one of the cabinets in our hallway!!! We are renting a furnished place and until now, we believed this place came with everything but tools. I have had nightmares of something breaking and not being able to fix it. 
Yes, I spent hours on the train to go to the hardware store to buy a screw driver and screws to put together Nick's desk during our first week here, but that's ok! I am just happy that we won't have to do that again. Hopefully. 

Yes, that's a medical pair of scissors to cut bandages.
I have no explanation. 
- A quiet night on the balcony.

Best screw cap wine ever!

- Hotel breakfast. There are no words for the excitement that this breakfast buffet is causing. It is my favorite breakfast in the entire world. 

Needless to say, I went for more than one round. 

Maybe more than two.
Even better: Hotel breakfast buffet by the river on a gorgeous summer morning.

The river was at this high all the time!
I wonder if they somehow control the water level?
Breakfast perfection. 

- My latest lunch invention! A mason jar filled with yoghurt and topped with Müsli. This way, the Müsli stays crunchy and I don't have to worry about anything leaking into my backpack. Win-Win!

I know. Genius!

I like the first picture much better. 

Lucy. She is the best company we could hope for here.

Always holding her head high.
Even if it's raining and we can't go to the park to play
with the dogs from the neighborhood.

Beautiful days like this one. 
And above all: that we get to share them.

Nothing compares to this.

What is making you happy lately?

Do you have a dog or a cat?

Are you scared of needles?

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