Monday, July 29, 2013

Didn't expect that, Cookie Knee, and Hoping for the Best.

It happened.

I got an MRI done last Friday and today, I had to go back in to get the results.
Every time I get an X-Ray, an ultrasound, or an MRI done, things look normal. I am a very lucky patient. I have never broken a bone, had any surgeries, nothing of big concern ever. So I thought the lady (the one who killed me with a cortisone injection) was joking when she said I had stress fractured (yes, this can be a verb) my knee.

Naturally, the first thing you do after someone tells you something you don't like is questioning them.
Next time your doctor has bad news, you should do the same thing and see how it is received. I'm sure it is just as appreciated as my "Really? Are you sure?! I would never do that! That can't be right."

But the lady had proof. She was better prepared than I thought.

Isn't this the prettiest MRI?!
It looks normal to me, but she assured me that the tibial (lower bone there) should be all dark. Unfortunately, there is a lot of white there... and it goes all the way across. Crap.

Then, she almost made me forget about the shock of the result, when she started talking about cookies. I am all ears when you switch from "stress fracture" to "cookie".
She compared my lower knee to a soft cookie. When you push your finger into a soft cookie, tons of little cracks appear. That's what my tibial looks like now. A crushed cookie.

I have a cookie knee?!

Then she did something that she obviously didn't think through.
She gave me 2 crutches and 20 needles. You all know, I can barely handle two legs as it is. Now I am walking on 4!! She gave them to me right away and had me try them out in the office... where she saw that I am not a natural walker. I suggested hopping on one leg for the next weeks, but she said "no".
I really tried.

So, people of Berlin, you may want to stay home until I give you the clear.

Ja, and the needles. Ha! Sharp objects aren't my friends either. Now there are 20 needles in our home and Nick will have to give injections to me for 20 days now. (I can't hurt myself on purpose?! Who would do that??!)
There will be a lot of fun around here, I can already feel it. We have been married for almost 4 years now and injections with a long (yes, 2.5cm are long!) needle have never happened before. All I can say is that I am happy I don't have to give them to Nick, because I really doubt I could do that. (Don't judge my wife-skills, thank you.) Knowing how much they hurt, I would have major issues doing that to him.
So tomorrow, we will see if he will hate or enjoy it. Lets hope for the best.

The Orthopedist then told me that I won't be running September - and that's that.

No need to mention that there have been better days.

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