Sunday, July 21, 2013

Great moments of surprise and shock.

I am just dropping in to send you a few pictures and let you know that we are still alive and well.

On Friday morning, Nick and I got ready to leave the house right after we woke up. I know what you are thinking - yes! I did clean the entire place. I had started late at night and finished in the morning with mopping and all! I am still feeling incredibly responsible and all grown up.

We are always at least twice as excited to go on road trips. Not only do we get to do something awesome, but we also have the opportunity to spend a few hours together in the car!
Over the past few weeks, there was not much time we had for just the two of us. So, being in the car for hours at a time and talk the entire way is the absolute best!

And then we got the best surprise ever!!!
This time, we were so lucky with our rental car that we are still in absolute awe. They gave us a brand new Audi A6! It is Nick's dream car and I am so happy for him that they gave it to him to drive across Germany for a few days.

We are the first people to ever drive it and the car is so incredibly nice (and fast) that it has been nothing but spectacular to spend hours upon hours on the road.
I think Lucy loves it, too. She has been extra good on the drive and it is obvious that she wants us to buy a car just like this one, so that she can always travel this comfortably :o)

I heard you, Lucy. I heard you!
When we got to my parents' place, Mama and Papa welcomed us with the best cake.

I only took one picture, but there were
three (!) different cakes that Mama had made. 
It is always Mama's mission to feed us as much as she possibly can while we are there. The amounts of delicious food she prepares is incredible! She even went out and bought me a pack of Flutschfinger! (for all non-experts: there are eight (!) Flutschfinger in one box) Greatest surprise EVER! There is no way to be a better host. I'm serious.

Papa and Nick spent some man-time fixing the pump for the water fountain. They were quite proud after it was done and the fountain was doing its fountain things - rightfully so, because neither of them fell in! We were all happy about that.

YAY for fixing the fountain guys!

Then, I went to the hair dresser. 
I had no big plans of getting anything different from what I usually get... and then I heard myself say "Just do whatever you think is good" - since when is that a good idea?! Sometimes my brain just does its own thing. 

The next thing I knew was that my hair was darker and missing 12 inches.


Trust me when I say I was in complete shock. I could not believe what had happened! 
So I did the next logical thing. I panicked and texted Nick, because clearly, texting your husband will fix your hair. 


Normally, there are few things worse than a surprise at the hair dresser, but I have to say, I am used to it by now and kind of like it. Especially that it's easier to wash and dry in the morning. 

We will see how it is for my run in the morning, when I am wearing my usual ponytail and headband. I will keep you posted. 

So here is another really awesome late night selfie
with my short new hair. 

How was your weekend? Did you go anywhere fun?

Did you run this weekend? How did it go?

Have you ever had a shock moment at the hair dresser?

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