Tuesday, July 9, 2013

strawberry relay, big news and a sleepless night

Lets just pretend yesterday was the most productive day and this is a celebratory popsicle and not the second "I need carbs to cope with my frustration" Flutschfinger.

Speaking of major food groups. On Saturday, Nick and I spent the entire second half of the day eating the most delicious food - nonstop!
It started with a short trip to the Turkish store next door to get fresh fruit. Since it was almost time for them to close for the weekend, they were giving away some of their things for an incredible price. 
So I bought 4lbs of fresh strawberries for 1Euro! Can you believe that?! From now on, we all need to go buy produce the minute before closing time. 

Just when we had already finished half of this bowl, I remembered to take a quick picture. Yes. We had a strawberry relay with that one fork there and finished without taking any breaks.
I didn't stop the time, but I am guessing we had a 4:32 min pace. At least.

Because we are crazy, we walked 20 miles (at least!) to find a place to sit down and have a drink and eat more. We had no idea where we were going, but the neighborhoods here all have wonderful little cafes and restaurants that we just walked until we decided for one of them.

We just wanted drinks at first. Then we figured, we should get appetizers. But then we ended up having a big salad with tons of feta cheese, a whole pizza bread, and because we clearly don't know our limits, we ordered a pizza with prosciutto, artichokes, and gorgonzola.

Always eat all your feta cheese first.
You don't want the greens to fill you up
before you can finish the good stuff.

Almost forgot to take a picture. Again.

The picture doesn't give the pizza enough credit. The crust was the fluffiest - yet perfectly crunchy -piece of crust heaven I have ever tasted. And the toppings. Ooooh the toppings...
It was so incredibly delicious and we fought really hard, but had to leave one slice of shame. But we will be back. And we will finish.

One thing we both know how to do well is: eat ridiculous amounts of food in no time.

Friday night had the same motto. Then it was sushi. I am just saying: 15Euros and all you can eat. Yes. Totally awesome!

I took two pictures. One around the beginning and another one close to the finish. About 10 minutes and 23 plates later. 
Whoever invented never-ending food on a conveyor belt should receive a Nobel prize. 

The reason for last night being a sleepless night was, however, not an unimaginable amount of food. When I came home from school yesterday, Nick surprised me with the big news that this morning, we would go to the gym to sign up for a year. 
I was so thrilled, I can't even tell you. I have been going insane not being able to run. Again, I was worried all night that we would sleep in and not make it there in time before I had to get to the office. Especially since we watched Cloud Atlas last night! The whole thing. Without falling asleep. Nobody told me that it is a 3hr movie! 
We can talk about the movie itself some other time, but wow, it was long. Needless to say, we didn't start watching it until 11.45pm. Eeek.

Back to the big news: We did make it to the gym, and we signed up!!! It really happened, people! 
I would show you a picture of my brand new key card, but I am sharing the office and I don't want everyone to see that I am not actually typing on my paper here, but taking pictures for my blog. I can't afford my cover to be blown.

I will be signing up for a trainer to show me how all those machines work. Since I already managed injuring myself by picking up Lucy's poop with a bag, I think there is a pretty high chance of me killing myself in the weight room. 


Now, it's time to stop pretending and actually get some work done. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Do you like sushi? We both love it!

How often do you go to the gym? 

Have you seen Cloud Atlas? How did you like it?


  1. You're making me jealous with all the wonderful food! The surrounding area looks really interesting .

    I miss you all, Lucy would love all the birds, rabbits and deer in the back yard.

    Please stay safe and enjoy,

    Mom in New York

  2. haha, she would, but she is too slow. She started talking/ yelling at any smaller dog she can't catch, while she is trying to keep up with them. It's hilarious!
    Have a terrific weekend!