Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reading Yoda and Keeping an Eye on Things

When watching TV these days, one cannot avoid the coverage of Kate and Will's first baby. It's all over the place! - And I love it! 

terrible picture of our TV

the birthplace of the future (future, future) king/queen of England
Yes, I can imagine that being 9months pregnant and having an army of photographers sitting outside of your house, waiting for you to be in labor, and hoping to snap a picture of your water breaking, is anything but pleasant. 

However, I just can't help but be really excited for my favorite royal couple to become parents! If Nick and I ever move to London, I have big plans for Kate and me to become best friends, have afternoon teas together, and, seriously, Lucy is just meant to play with their dog Lupo (see what I mean?!) and dig holes around Buckingham Palace. She just needs to learn how to sit like a lady and how not to look like a pig.

I see potential.

While I am keeping my eyes on the news regarding my future bff from England, I am still reading what this guy had to say.

And as I am looking at the cover of this book, I can't help myself but find a remarkable resemblance between these two.

Something to think about.

Better back to work I get. 

Are you following the baby news from England?

Have you ever watched Star Wars? I hadn't until about a year ago. Yes, I was ashamed when I told Nick. 

What's for dinner?

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