Friday, July 12, 2013

cheap TP, an experiment, spiders, and how the orthopedist killed me.

I know, I can't believe it either that I haven't talked to you in a few days!

This week was incredibly busy and I am just happy that it is finally Friday.

Although, my work never really leaves me and the unfinished paper is staring at me from my desktop behind this browser window, it's still Friday!
And Friday means that tomorrow, Nick and I get to spend time together at the grocery store and the bakery for breakfast in the morning. Two of my favorite places!

I am always so happy when I fill up the band with all the things we need and spend about 1/3rd of what I would spend in Baltimore. Milk for 50 cents, a 2liter sparkling water for 19 cents, 2 delicious pizzas for €1.99, and 18 rolls of 3ply TP for  €3?! Yes please! Don't be jealous. Just come visit!

To make our upcoming trip even more adventurous, Nick is planning on attaching this:

to one of these:

I am curious how this is going to work, but I am certain that this experiment will be spectacular.

Now let me fill you in what happened in the past few days.

First of all, there were at least 98.5hrs of this:

Which resulted in eating a lot of these.

chocolate covered peanuts <3
Then I was dreading this:

waiting room at the orthopedist
 The doctor examined my knee forever. She also did an ultrasound and then an X-ray.

The result: PFPS (runner's knee) and irritated IT bands.

The treatment: an extremely painful cortisone shot right into the side of my knee. I really liked the doctor until then. We even bonded over our shared disgust for spiders. We could have been best friends forever!

But then she came back into the room with something that looked like she was going to knit a sweater. I reminded her that the cap was still on the needle, but she just laughed a devilish laugh, I am tell you, I think her eyes turned red, and before I knew it, I died.

Before I whine about it for longer (I could, if you'd like though), I will leave it to this beautiful article to tell you more about what PFPS is.

To have plenty of time when it's time for my comeback, once I am fully recovered, I decided to work as much as I can at my desk and get this ridiculous paper done.

Have I told you what the library at my host university looks like?




I can't help but be reminded of a postmodern version of the body of that steam-powered tarantula from Wild Wild West. Maybe that's just me. 

Maybe it's supposed to resemble a brain? A tick after it sucked all your blood (ticks are gross. and rude)? 
We don't know. 

Oftentimes, I would not leave my desk before 9.30pm and the trains are completely empty! (at least until we hit the next major stop) A nice change to the packed, smelly train that I get to take in the mornings. And can you see it's still light out?! I love it!

Then, in the tunnel,  I turned around, because I thought someone was looking at me and this "lady" scared me to death and may or may not have caused me to scream on the train! 

Imagine screeching, out of tone violins in the background.

After this week, we treated ourselves to Döner (Lamachun for me) and Flutschfinger (also for me). 



Despite any painful, draining, and scary moments this week - all is perfect, if you come home to a weekend with your husband and puppy. 

Happy Friday!

Have you had runner's knee before? Did they torture you with a shot, too? - If yes, I hope they didn't!

How did your week go?

Döner or Lamachun? - Lamachun!

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