Sunday, July 14, 2013

Billy Wilder and the quest for ice cream

It's a slow Sunday here in Berlin. A very slow Sunday.

I think all three of us are half asleep and at least Nick and I trying to get as much rest as we can before the busy week begins - Lucy is just as lazy as usual.

To answer your most urgent question: no.
The beautiful blue shopping trolley of ours never ended up being attached to the bike. It was just pulled while walking. Safety first.
I am still in awe about how people manage to attach their trolleys to the regular shopping carts.

I stalked followed a lady around the store, just to see how she did it. It was just perfectly attached to the front of her shopping cart while mine kept falling off, or was dragging on the ground while the little plastic wheels were screeching on the tiles of the store. As for now, I am just hoping that one day, we will be an equal part of the "shopping trolley family" and not be stared at.

Speaking of getting stared at.
Lucy has gotten so wonderful with other dogs. Really. She is playful and nice and just great.
Unless, she has a wild moment.
This morning, there was an old lady with a small poodle-looking dog that had his arm in a plaster cast. Poor thing. Out of no place, Lucy started making a scene. She was loud and obnoxious. With mohawk and all.

The old lady just shook her head at me in silence. She didn't even say anything. Just shamed me with silence.
Isn't that the worst? Ugh, I still feel bad.
It totally worked, old lady. It totally worked.

One of the best parts about yesterday was our trip to the bakery.
The ladies that work there are all so incredibly nice that I just want to hug them. And the food they have there ... well I could just eat just there all day, every day, and be happy.
We ended up buying a number of rolls, bread, a huge pastry, and two coffees. Not only do they give you free cookies with your coffee, but they also gave me a huge shopping bag to keep!

So much better than a plastic bag!

We were pretty late when we got there, so at 11.30am, most of their things were already sold out. Luckily though, they had just pulled my favorite rolls out of the oven and I bought an indefinite number of those. 

I know, the picture doesn't do them justice. They are so delicious with a light crunch on the outside and totally soft and moist on the inside. With tons of grains, pieces of carrots, nuts, and all things good for you. 

This is the bread I always get. 

Also whole grain and freshly baked. In triangle shape. :)

After all the groceries were done, Nick and I hopped on the train and just got off at a random stop to walk around.
It is so nice to feel absolutely safe everywhere we go! Something that we definitely don't take for granted coming from Baltimore. Not to mention that it is nice and warm, as opposed to hot and humid!

Nick then started craving Mexican or Spanish food and we ended up going to a tapas restaurant.
Don't judge, but I had never had tapas before in my life and didn't even know what it is.

Now, I know! And I like it!

They gave us free bread and aioli spread as an appetizer and then we got a mixed platter. 

I almost forgot to take pictures!

The service industry in Germany works a lot different than in the U.S. I don't know whether it is because we don't tip, or because of our mentality. It is just different. 
Last night, however, the lady that was our waitress was so wonderful! She was really helpful picking out the food, incredibly attentive, and just overall really friendly. 
We will definitely go back to this place. Because of the service, and because the food was amazing!

We did it!

Afterwards, we wanted to stroll around and have ice cream.
Sounds easy and fun. 


But trust me, our path seemed to be cursed. Without going into too much detail, we ended up walking 5 miles, then took the train across the city, and walked another 2 miles. It was terrible. There is no joking about ice cream cravings. 

They are serious business.

We even followed stalked people with ice cream in their hands, but we lost their trace and couldn't figure out where they got it.


Sadly, I went to bed without dessert. 


Since our feet hurt and we were tired and frustrated from the long walk, we decided to go into the next bar that we will pass, and have a wine or beer before going home. 
That is how we ended up at Billy Wilder's ( Their website says that it's the nicest bar at Potsdamer Platz, but I am sure it is also the most expensive one. 

I normally don't drink at all, but last night, a wine just sounded too good to pass up. 

So today, we are just not even trying to find anything, or explore and walk around. 

And I promise, as soon as we do something else, aside from sleeping or eating mountains of delicious food on the weekends, I will let you know :) 

Happy rest day!

What did your weekend look like so far?

Are you following Kate and Will's baby news? Absolutely! I can't wait!

Have you ever stalked people that had food you really wanted? Most definitely.


  1. We used to enjoy taking bites of people's food in the university cafeteria way back when we were undergrads! we thought it was very humorous!

  2. Aha! I can add a comment but only as anonymous b/c I don't know what those other choices are. I'm enjoying your blog Christina!!! Margie M.

  3. Oh wonderful! I can even see your name now! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :o) I hope life in NY is well?!