Sunday, July 7, 2013

random (K)nights in Berlin

Today is an incredibly slow day. It's really nice and warm out, so a walk to the park will probably the only accomplishment of the day. I'm not complaining, since tomorrow is going to be the start of a really busy work week.

Over the past few nights, Nick and I went to a few different new places. We love to explore and Berlin has so much to offer, that I doubt we will ever be bored here.

Two of the light rail lines in Berlin, go all around the city. It's a terrific way to just sit and relax, see a lot of the surroundings, and get ideas where to go next.


So we hopped on the train, got off at "Treptow Park", and walked around for a while.
It is remarkable how quickly you can distinguish landmarks or memorials that are remainders of Soviet times.

Hammer und Sichel
or as the English call it "hammer and sickel" 
After finding out that it is super easy to learn a different language, because you can just pronounce your own language in a different way, we moved on and took more pictures.

I am still thrown off by the fact that these statues of soldiers are created after the model of knights kneeling down, but instead of swords, they are carrying machine guns. It is hard to see in this picture, but those guys were quite big!

After having walked enough, we found a place to eat. If you are in a touristy city, please try to find the most touristy place to buy food. I am sure you will get the best deal there. 

Isn't this pretty?!

To be fair, it wasn't all that expensive and the food was truly amazing. After a lengthy discussion with the waitress about whether salads should contain tomatoes or not, I had a salad with sesame chicken in a mango glaze. And yes, I won. The salad had tomatoes.

See the tomato under the chicken?

Another thing that I am really liking about all the restaurants here: If you sit outside, you will have a blanket on your chair, in case you get cold. It's the absolute best!

My skills of taking pictures with my phone in the dark
are a work in progress.
Sadly, it was comfortably warm throughout dinner and I didn't get to use this red, soft, and cozy fleece blanket. A good reason to come back another time!

If you think that having this blanket, or finding a huge Soviet memorial was the biggest surprise of the day, you are mistaken. We had walked Lucy to the park earlier and trust me, all three of us were confused when we heard and saw this. 

A group of six people in armor that was having a battle in the park. And trust me, these guys were getting at each other. You could hear them hitting and yelling from afar.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any horses with them, but we still thought they were cool and much more lively and friendly looking than the "knights" at the memorial.

Where do you eat when you are in a new city?

Are you adventurous to try new foods or do you stick to what you know?

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