Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beer gardens and Kindergardeners

We are back in Berlin! I am telling you, we had the best time in Munich and I am sure it wasn't the last time we went.

What really surprised me, though, was that people are actually wearing the full set of "Lederhosen", jacket and hat, or "Dirndl" on the street. In 100 degree weather!

I stole this here.

I was sweating in a short skirt and sandals and just couldn't imagine wearing layers of thick leather or several long skirts and stockings.
Seriously, those Bavarians are tough! It makes even more sense to me now that the amounts of cold beer they are serving are no joke either. These people need to cool down somehow!

I can't even lift those with one hand. Another reason to focus on workouts for my arms. So far, they have been nothing but useless.

Speaking of workout. You will never guess what I did in Munich! I had a beautiful morning run! It was so wonderful! Not only was it still cool around 8am, but they also have a few hills there! So I made sure to make use of the elevation. 

I am certain that none of the 100 people sitting in traffic on the bridge
noticed me taking an awkward selfie. 

and one without my big sweaty face. Isn't this pretty?!

Unfortunately, my knee didn't like the run as much as I did and I am scheduled for an MRI tomorrow. Eeek!
The worst part about it is that I now have no excuse and have to focus on core work while my knee does its own thing. 

You want to hear something crazy? When I take the train to school, I often see groups of kindergardeners on the subway. I never noticed these kinds of things when I used to live here, but now  differences to the U.S (like this one) seem so obvious. 
I wanted to take a picture as they were walking by, but I waited until they had passed me - much less creepy. I swear. 

Those two ladies were watching 13 kids!

Can you imagine this responsibility?! On the one hand, I think it's wonderful that kids learn this early how to use public transportation. On the other, they are such small kids and walking in a group of 10-15 kids (sometimes, we see even larger groups), getting off and on trains, and walking on platforms. I wouldn't want to switch places with the teachers. 
Then again, I can barely take care of myself not falling over my own feet and onto the tracks. 

Is it warm/ hot where you live? 

Do you get to run in cooler temperatures in the morning/ at night?

Do you have/ use public transportation? 

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