Monday, July 8, 2013

Dropping in and the world's best coffee mug

Mondays aren't that bad after all!

After I woke up this morning, I got all organized and packed my bags to get to work.
Mama, you would be proud. I even prepared some food to take with me and it didn't contain Haribo (No worries, I can buy that on campus).

Of course, coffee had to be packed as well. 

Keeps the coffee hot and tasty for the entire day!

I am still thankful for the wonderful thermos mug that my two friends, Anja and Nina, have gifted me with. It is the best mug ever and I am using it every single day! Hence, me taking it with me from the U.S. to Berlin. 
(Neither Starbucks, not Anja and Nina have paid me to say this. Unfortunately.)

my ride.
This is what my daily ride looks like! I have missed public transportation so much in the U.S. and Berlin is spoiling me now with the most developed subway/ light-rail/ bus network imaginable. 
The best part: We have subway ("U-Bahn") access right in front of our house. 

With switching trains once and walking from the final stop to my office, it takes me exactly 30 minutes to get from our apartment to work. 
Loving my new pair of sandals!
The commute is even better if it's as beautiful out as today!

Inside, the view of my desk is not as pretty.

I better get back to work now. So far, I have underlined two irrelevant sentences and eaten all my food. 
At least that's taken care of. 

Happy Monday, everyone!

What do you love starting into a new week? Getting to work well rested!

Flip flops or sandals? both!

Coffee or tea for breakfast? coffee

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