Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Paradise in Berlin, a Sad Surprise, and Good Taste

Everyone, pack your bags and come to Germany. The summer here has been nothing but perfect.
As you know from yesterday's post, Nick and I have had big plans to go swimming today - and swimming we went!

We got up in the middle of the night at 9am, packed our bags, and took the train to the beach.

The pretty walk from the train to the beach.
People playing Giant-Chess.
(See the lake in the back behind the trees?)

Yes, Berlin has a beach. It's a 1.5km long stretch of sand that has been piled up at the Wannsee lake.

Entrance to the beach and Nick's arm.
I think he is pointing to the right where the FKK (nudist) beach is, hahaha.
Different country, different culture. 

We went to the part of the beach where everyone wears clothes.

So pretty!
 The beach couldn't have been more perfect. The only sad surprise waited for us when we opened our bag. People, please take note: Haribo CAN melt! We brought a bag of Haribo frogs... and they melted together into a big lump of warm frogs... Even I couldn't eat them. (This is what made the situation more dramatic.)
But don't worry. I saved them by putting them into the safety of our fridge when I got home and they have been delicious ever since.
The view from our spot. That boy with the inflatable green dino-frog-dragon
saved me a few times when I wasn't able to find our towels.  

Happy, happy Sunday!
The day got even better! After getting home, we showered, and threw in a load of smelly lake laundry. Yes, on a Sunday. I know. Please don't tell anyone. 

But the laundry wasn't really what made the day even more exciting. It was dinner!
We went to our (so far) favorite Döner place and Nick made me proud by requesting a Lamachun as well. Normally, he gets the Döner and only I order a Lamachun, but he must have realized my terrific skills in picking the best food. Always trust the expert wife.

Happy Nick with Lamachun. 

Artsy picture of the Turkish delicacy. 

Other than this, we also had gelato, but there was no time for a picture. I swear, there wasn't.

Now go ahead and book your flight and join us for our next trip to the beach tomorrow morning!

Happy Sunday!

Do you prefer the beach or mountains? I can't say. I love them both!

Do you swim in lakes/ the ocean or just in pools?

What is your favorite season? fall!

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