Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The best Good-Bye Dinner and Southbound

Congratulations to Kate and Will! I am so excited for you and your little family. Yay for your boy to finally arrive and make thousands of crazy baby stalkers like me really happy.

Whenever we go to visit my parents, Nick and I are convinced, Mama has a plan to feed us all the food to make us never want to leave this place of milk and honey.
On Saturday, it was the first time that it was just us and my parents. This meant that we spent lunch, coffee, and dinner (and dessert) together.

Since we were going to leave their house on Sunday, the hours of scrumptiousness also included a good-bye dinner. We had a barbecue with the most delicious curry chicken I have ever had.

There it is! Next to the Bratwurst! :o)

My family takes dessert really serious, as everyone should. So we went out for ice cream within 5 minutes of finishing dinner. It is important to not have too long of a break between meals. You might starve.

I know, I need to get better taking pictures before having finished most of the food already. No self control. Absolutely no self control...

We were so full after this that we mentioned only wanting to have coffee the next morning. However, the head of the family did not approve to even discuss skipping breakfast. Under the greatest threats, we were forced to have fresh baked bread and homemade jam on the terrace in the sun the next morning. Life is hard!

Quark and Marmelade.
If you haven't had this, eat it right now, and don't wait another second.
If you don't have quark, use greek yoghurt.

Then, we finally got on the road to Munich!

I tried to take a picture to show you the warp speed we were going, but I had to hold on to not fly all the way to the back of the car. So this was actually not even top speed. 

Needless to say that someone had a lot of fun driving!

And yes, Lucy was allowed to come with.  ... When we arrived, she was angry that there was only one big bed in the room and she had to sleep on the floor - again

"wtf guys!? Rude!"
For dinner, Nick and I decided to walk around to find food. We just never learn. There is something about our restaurant detection skills that is just not working right. 

We walked for 5 miles in the heat. Luckily, I was wearing brand new leather sandals - and everyone knows that you should always do that if you are going to walk for 2 hrs in 100 degree weather. 

Finally, we found a little place that didn't just sell coffee. 

Again, I almost forgot to take a picture.
This was after I had already eaten all the chicken.
Yes, you see that correctly that there are three different kinds of tomatoes on there. They probably talked to this restaurant. How else would they have known that I really like tomatoes on my salad?! 

Finally, on our way back to the hotel, we saw where all the other tourists went. I swear, they probably designed this after Epcot. It looked just like it!

I will share more pictures in a little while. Now it's time to have some ice cream :o)

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever been to southern Germany?

Ice cream question: strawberry, chocolate, lemon, or vanilla? chocolate and lemon! (best combination ever!)


  1. Ok I have the homemade jam and yogurt but I really need a slice of that bread or maybe just the recipe! :) Miss You,
    Love, Aunt Laurie

  2. Aunt Laurie! Wie miss you, too! I will tell Nick to let you know his best recipe! I know all about the ingredients I would need here in Germany, but Nick is the bread baker in the U.S. (Did you know he would make sourdough all the time?! Absolutely amazing!)