Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back to school and running with an injured knee

I know, I know. It's been a while.
But rest assured, all is well, we are still alive. Sort of.

With the wonderful piece of stamped paper the admissions office gave me, I was able to move into my new office and spent every day there. I am sure you are dying to see what my desk looks like.

It has windows!

Lucky me, I am sitting right by the window. I am thrilled! I never had an office with a window. 

There is nature outside!

Having access to all this oxygen, I am sure I will be able to write my papers in no time!

Although, the pretty view comes with regular landscaping. I found this out on my second day. 

And he took his sweet time.
Fortunately, Nick had a few days off this week and cheered me up with a surprise visit! I hope you all know how much I love surprises! 
He had never been to my office, so it was extra special to be able to show him around. Lucky me, Nick also charged my cafeteria card with money when we went for lunch. Now, won't have to starve at work! So much happiness on one day!!!


Yesterday, I spent most of the morning running back and forth between doctors offices. Since my knee is quite annoying with all the hurting after my runs, I finally decided to have someone look at it. Yea, and that's pretty much all they did. Look at it - and then send me to an orthopedist.

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I now have an appointment for an X-ray on Thursday morning. The doctor told me I should get a knee brace to stabilize the bands (since I can walk without pain now and she could rule out that anything was torn) and try to run carefully. 

Have you ever done that? Do you have any suggestions when it comes to knee braces? 

I would really appreciate any advice from you. 

For now, I will just go for a walk and pick up some fresh bread at the bakery. Remember? Tomorrow is Sunday and Germany will be closed. 

Happy weekend!

Do you work at an office? Does it have a window?

If you pack lunch for work, what do you take with you?

Have you ever run with a knee brace before? How did you avoid chafing?

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