Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Terrific times coming up and favorite part of the day

Have I ever told you that, when Nick and I still lived in Baltimore, Saturday mornings were reserved for just us? It was our favorite part of the week.
I don't recall the date when it started, but I remember that we started calling it "adventure Saturday" from the very beginning.

Most of the time, we would just grab a coffee from Dunkin Donuts and drive around the city, go for a walk, or just do whatever random thing offered itself (like buying a travel house for Lucy).


With the move here, we also gave up the luxury of having a car and we both knew, adventure Saturday would (for) now be history.

However, we have already established another fun tradition and that involves not only coffee and us, but also Lucy. We fill our travel mugs and go to the dog park!

Lucy is always the most pathetic saddest dog in the entire world before we leave.

"I hate you and your slowness!"

Coffee mug in the close up
and Lucy harassing a little dog in the back.  

It is always my absolute favorite part of the day when we get to just have a cup of coffee and spend some time together. It doesn't get much better than that.

Of course, if I get to run before this, I can barely handle my happiness! This morning, I very carefully ran 4.5 miles. It was already quite warm, so I by the time I got home, I looked like a pig roast.

Can you see that I am showing you 4.5 with my hand?!
Of course you can. 
When I walked in the door, I just couldn't believe the sweat dripping from my body. I had never seen anything like this. It was absolutely insane! Until I realized, the water bottle that I had squeezed in my arm, had been leaking all over me. 
Tell me this happened to you before! 

In case you were wondering - no, this is not my favorite shirt and I do in fact have a few other tops. However, I am lazy and I own three of these shirts (they were on super sale). One day, when I did laundry, I just happened to have all three in there. They ended up on top of all my running things, all ended up in the laundry again... a vicious cycle was created. 
I may never make it out. 

I will leave you with the most terrific news. 

Today, this happened: 

Yes. It is what you think it is.
After a long month of being tangled up in bureaucracy - I finally received my student ID and train pass. 
Exciting times are about to come up!

I already spent the afternoon at school and will share more about my new study home later. Now, it's time for a Flutschfinger and some "White Collar"! 

Do you have a favorite thing to do (aside from running)?

For regular hot coffee: Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?

What is your favorite TV/ Netflix/ Hulu show?

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