Saturday, August 3, 2013

I did it!

Oh, you guys!

You wouldn't believe those last few days... You remember that paper I have been working on? Today, I emailed it to my professor. I can't even believe I am typing this! But it's true. I declared it finished. It's gone.

So this is why I haven't been in touch. No accident. No catastrophe. Everyone is fine.
I have just been busy for the past four days acting like an adult and getting things done.

But that is now over!

Let me tell you the other things that went on here in Berlin.
First things first - I went to the gym!!!! ooooh yes!

Yes, that's only one crutch. Don't tell my doctor. 
It. was. wonderful! I have been sore since then. 
The only annoyance was people giving me the "go limp back home" stare. So I stared right back. 

Then, there was a lot of good food! 

Favorite breakfast!

So guess what, remember my favorite rolls?! Well, ... the bakery is ALWAYS out of them! It's terrible. Every single time I went there over the past 3 or 10 days! I was devastated. 
That's why I went to the most extreme - I ordered 5 of them for the weekend. Nick and I went there this morning to pick them up. I had been looking forward to this forever! 
And then they messed up the order!!! Instead of 5, they only gave us 3! And, of course, they were out and couldn't add the remaining 2. 

After recovering from this shock, Nick did his very first grocery tour all by himself - and he did amazing! He found everything we needed and more! 
Most importantly, he handled the mean lady at the grocery store who takes care of the deposit bottles. 


That woman is just unbelievable. She obviously hates her job and just every person that ever crosses her way. 

However, I was able to "cook" tonight, after Nick brought home all those good things!

Favorite summer dinner. 

I made a salad with loads of feta cheese! 

Of course, over the past week, there was also a lot of this: 

Favorite snack in case of paper frustration

Favorite simple lunch/ snack/ dinner. 

The amount of water melon that is consumed just by me in our house, should put me to shame. But it's just so good!

And then, of course, the celebratory wine
after finishing the seemingly never ending torture. 

We also took Lucy to the park! We even got up early for her to be there before it got too warm.
Be prepared for a bunch of Lucy pictures:

Yes, we are crazy cat people. Just with a dog. That's ok, though. 

What have I missed? What have you been up to?

Are you a crazy cat/ dog person?

What's your favorite summer food?

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