Friday, August 9, 2013

Why I will Never be a Food Blogger and Fitness as of Late

Happy Friday everyone!

I have to say, I am really starting to enjoy all the strength training at the gym. Now that I am more comfortable at those machines and I don't have to worry too much about breaking them (or me) while using them, it has become a really great thing to do in the mornings. Just wait and see, soon enough I will be able to carry two grocery bags at a time! It will be spectacular.

There are two machines, however, that make me highly uncomfortable. I feel like I'm blushing every time I am working out on those, because they seem so much like apparatuses that should be xrated and only to be used in privacy.

I am talking about the "abduction machine" and "adduction machine".

Lets start with the adduction.
This machine is working on your inner thighs, which is the reason why we still love it - even if it makes us feel incredibly awkward.
If you haver experienced chafing on this part of your body, you know what pain is. So let's work on this and make wearing shorts during long runs a no-brainer!
I am doing 3 sets of 15 reps. with 30kg on this one.



Basically, you are pushing your thighs together to lift up the weights. Be careful when you move your legs outward again to lower the weights. You do not - you really do not - want to just drop them. Trust me, your tendons will yell and scream at you.

The second machine is the abduction one.
It trains the outer thighs and your butt. Again, this should make us love it! But it is just as shameful to do these moves as it is to work on the adduction machine.



You can see, these two workouts are very similar. But here, you push the weights up with the outward movement. And it hurts, people.
I am doing 3 sets of 20 reps. with 35kg.

I have no idea what the people, who set up the 8 machines we have there, were thinking. Well, maybe I do have an idea, because all of them are facing a busy street and sidewalk and there is just glass between me and the people walking by. Awkward!

Aside from being at the gym, I have also successfully made dinner a few times in the past days. I had grand plans to take pictures and share my scrumptious creations with you. You know all those food bloggers that post beautiful pictures that look just like they were taken for a glossy cook book? Just like that!

Not only did I fail miserably at taking pictures during or after the cooking process (I only took 2 pictures (total!) during and after cooking three full meals), but also... the food on said two photos doesn't look remotely delicious.

Nothing glossy here.

Yes, I totally remembered taking a picture of this
dish after we had already finished most of it. 
At least, we all know now that I am never going to be a food blogger. It's better for everyone involved.

Do you cook regularly? 

Did you ever have an embarrassing moment at the gym?


  1. I can't believe your machines are facing the street! Those gym people are evil!!! Do you have an anonymous comment box?

    1. Hi Shannon! I know right?! The comment box is a great idea. I will keep my eyes open if they have one. If not, I will just bring one myself! Ha! Hope you have a terrific day! :)