Monday, August 19, 2013

Minor Victory Monday

Es ist Montag! It is Monday!

And because mondays can be terrible, lets focus on the minor victory of the day!
What was yours?

Mine was a victory over my inner sloth. I had a really rough time getting up this morning and I laid in bed trying to come up with excuses not to go to the gym (you know, when you are checking if you are feeling absolutely healthy and are trying to find a little thing that might give your inner sloth an excuse to stay in bed) - but then I went! And after I got there, it wasn't even that bad anymore.

This is what I did:
30 mins. on the bike (with a very low resistance setting)
3 x 15 reps at the chest press with (20kg)
3 x 15 reps at the "Ruderzugmaschine" (20 kg)
3 x 15 reps at the reverse butterfly (10kg)
3 x 20 reps at the abduction machine (35kg)
3 x 20 reps at the adduction machine (35kg)
3 x 15 reps at the back trainer (no weights - yet!)
3 x 25 reps sit ups (if you want to call them that)

The whole thing took me about an hour and ten minutes and then we had a big breakfast! Oh yes! Totally worth working up an appetite.

I should really start getting more creative when it comes to my breakfast choice. I am eating the same thing every morning. Maybe I should get a different colored jam!? I just really like this red homemade jam ("Johannisbeere-Banane" - thank you, Mama!) and even when I look at different kinds at the store, I end up not getting any, because I am 100% certain it will not be as good as this one.

And because she is awesome, I am showing you what Lucy has been up to.

This is her wandering around the bed when I am sitting there, reading for my next paper. Every. Single. Time. She is a petting addict.

"can you pet me?"
"pet me.... pet me... pet me... pet me... pet meeeeee"

"Hey! I already came closer! Now Pet Me!"
"Peeeet meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

"Come on! Put that hand on my head!"

"I wooon!"
Happy Monday!

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