Monday, August 5, 2013

Minor Victory Monday (now made pretty)

(Disclaimer: I am on my phone, because I am lazy and don't want to go and get my laptop. I also don't know how to put pictures in, or create links to other posts with this app, or change the fond - because I am not the brightest candle on the chandelier when it comes to technology. I will edit this post tomorrow. And make it prettier. Maybe.)
Edit: I did.

I think that mondays can be really tough and sometimes, they downright suck.


I also think it's incredibly easy to get caught up in a mindset that doesn't focus on the great things that are going on; a mindset that makes me see only work that is still to do, the appointments, deadlines, tasks, (etc.!) that I am dreading. 

Mondays are perfect for my brain to go through the list of things that I have coming up that week. Helping me to really get into stressing about it. It's a super healthy and productive way of thinking, of course. You should try it! And if you want to drag your weekend into it, you can even begin thinking about what you will have on your plate on Sunday, or even Saturday! This way, trust me on this, you will really get to experience the depth of the feeling.


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about "minor victories". (I just realized that it was on a Monday, too... There really is something about the Monday mindset!)

I know that many bloggers do a "wtf Wednesday", "what I ate Wednesday" or "fashion Friday". Regardless of what day it is, all my blog posts have the silent "wtf" subtitle anyways. So that wouldn't make any sense for me.

I also like to talk about food. A lot. So I don't want to limit this topic to only wednesdays. (And why would anyone only want to talk about the greatest thing on earth only once a week?! weird.)

Oh, ja. And "fashion Friday", well, that won't happen. I moved across the ocean with one suitcase of running clothes and one suitcase of peanut butter and books. Priorities, people! Gotta have those straight.
I would run out of "new" things to show you after 3.2 weeks. For all four seasons.

Ja. That, too.

What I would like to do, however, is something that I call "minor victory Monday". Mondays are rough as they are, why not share one "minor victory" at the beginning of every week to spark up the day (week, month, general mood, or mindset)?! 

If you would like to share your victories in the comments, I would really love to read about them! It doesn't matter what it is. Important is only that it made you happy, proud, confident, motivated, giddy, content, optimistic... 

Here is mine for today:

My minor victory of this Monday was that today's thrombosis shot didn't hurt. I picked a spot that just worked really well and Nick did the other part of it. So it's a shared victory. Even better! 

What was yours?

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