Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Great News in the Morning

Ooooh let me share the wonderful news with that Nick told me first thing in the morning!

Ikea is bringing out a new app! You can go ahead and admit it - just hearing this sentence leaves you with no doubt about the fact that this app is going to be something incredible, life changing, and absolute essential for everybody's happiness.

It gets better! Let me tell you what their app is actually doing.

It is a catalogue app that takes the actual measurements of the furniture that IKEA is offering and then lets you virtually place it into your home as you point the camera at it. I am terrible at giving explanations. So here is a video I found on youtube.com.

How cool is this?! Now I will spend even more time with the best read of the year and I won't have to measure our apartment to redecorate it!

Unfortunately, we won't get to buy any new furniture here (since couches don't fit into suitcases), but that won't stop me from trying this app out. I want to be an expert at it once we go apartment hunting again in Baltimore!

It may also be a fun thing to do if you visit people that clearly need help with the interior design of their space of living. I'm sure they will appreciate you making constructive suggestions on how they should (re)decorate their rooms.

I fit every prejudice about women and redecorating and moving furniture. My family will attest to this. When I was a little girl, I would constantly move the furniture in my room around. You just have to figure out somehow how to set up your room!?
Then, after every imaginable arrangement was repeatedly set up and changed after a month, I went ahead and exchanged all the furniture that my parents had generously bought for me. I saved my allowance and money from odd jobs to buy a new bed frame, a really cute closet, an even cuter desk, a chair, a big linen box, a table, a floor lamp, a TV stand, and a shelf. All these things were on a room-set-up-rotation until I moved out. Although, none of the things I bought back then were from IKEA, an app, like the one coming out in a few days, would have saved me a lot of measuring. (And probably a lot of trial and error in the buying or moving process.)

Oh, before I forget. The app is supposed to come out on August 25, 2013!
I will be at my parents house that weekend... I guess I will have to try it out there :o)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Are you a furniture mover/ redecorator? Yes.

What is the favorite piece of furniture you own (you can name more than one, I'd understand)? Our dining room table (Currently in storage, 6000 miles from here), my gigantic desk (in that same storage as well), and my lovely little desk that I bought about 15 years ago (still at my parents house).

Do you download new apps when they come out? And do you actually use them? Yes. And no.

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