Sunday, August 18, 2013

Running Dreams and Adventure Saturday

Do you dream at night? I do. Every night. Sometimes, I remember all 4 or 5 dreams I had per night and trust me, they are weird.

Last night, however, I dreamt that I was out for a run. It was a trail run - which is funny, because I do 98% of my runs on pavement with only a few trail runs here and there - and I ran around a big lake and then into the mountains and I kept thinking, I should really run there every day.
When I was waking up, I was ready to tie my shoes and couldn't really remember why I hadn't done this in forever. What a sad moment when I was fully awake and realized there is a reason why I haven't run in 3 weeks and 1 day. I am so ready for the next 5-6 weeks to fly by.

Yesterday, Nick and I walked all over Berlin. The best workout for my arms and hands!
One of our friends suggested a few places to go and we spent our evening in one of the neighborhoods she had recommended.
It was terrific! We will definitely be back there very soon. We walked down the entire "Bergmann Straße" in Kreuzberg. It is a very long street with a gazillion little cafes, restaurants, stores, and things to see and do.
We had our first stop at "Good Morning Vietnam" and had a drink and an amazing appetizer.

They had an upstairs and a downstairs. We decided to skip the stairs and sit outside.
Next time, I want to see what the inside looks like. 

"Mango Fridge" and "Weinschorle"

Have you ever had summer rolls? You should!
The peanut sauce was phenomenal.

I really loved the decoration of that place. It doesn't look like it,
but the weather was actually really nice and warm. 

 Very cool place.

We kept walking and even had a big ice cream cup - which I failed to take pictures of. (But trust me, it was amazing!)

Before we went home, we stopped at a bar that is close to our house. We had never gone there, but it was actually really nice there (just a little pricey for my taste).

As you can see, I am very creative when it comes to picking drinks.
"Watered down wine" as Nick calls it. I like it!

We clearly have the "selfie" down!
We sat in the beer garden until we decided to grab our favorite dinner (döner and lamachun) and head home.

In my mind, another perfect "adventure Saturday".

What did you do yesterday?

Do you like to try new drinks/ food or do you stick to what you know?

Wine or beer? wine

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