Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Best Saturday and Getting Older Hurts.

I know, it's Sunday. So why am I telling you about Saturday?!
Well, because out Saturday was so wonderful :o)

We slept in (even for our measures), then filled our coffee mugs, and passed by the bakery for fresh pastries on our way to the dog park.
Here, we met the cutest little mouse-dog ever!

That feisty little guy kept escaping through the fence! Nick and I couldn't get enough of just watching him. So much cuteness! 
Lucy wasn't too impressed, though. She rather ate poop than playing with a fun new friend. 
She makes us proud.

After this beautiful trip, Nick and I dropped our tired dog off at home and went for a quick grocery trip. We bought a treat carrier (for little snacks to take with us when we train Lucy to walk like a functional dog), another dog food zipper bag thingy (that we can use to train her to "work for her food"), 5 bags of Haribo, 2 bottles of juice, and 1 pack of Flutschfinger.

Needless to say: Looking at our shopping basket made me really happy.

Then, we went for Sushi!
The first time we had great sushi in Berlin. It was spectacular.

You see this correctly. This is, in fact sparkling wine - and the best kind, that is! It was free! With every meal, you get either a tea or a glass of this. - It was way too warm for tea, though :o)

I know what you will say. How is this possibly enough for two people!? I KNOW! But it really was!
Usually, Nick and I order something between 6 and 8 rolls, plus miso soup. Somehow, these guys managed to feed us with much less. They are good! And they are right next door!

You might think, the day couldn't get any better, but it did! We went home, put on pj's, and camped out in the living room with DVDs and Haribo and Katjes. YES! It was like birthday and christmas together on one Saturday.

Getting so happy about a new kind of gummy candy made me think that there is still hope for me not to get old too fast...

But then today, I found this website and I am pretty sure, I am guilty of at least 93.7% of these. (However, the title says "almost 30"! Ergo - it must be at least 93.7% applying to me, right!?)

Especially this:

24. Weekend nights: Instead of having two drinks at four different bars, you have two drinks at one bar then go home. 
... What they meant to say was: have one free drink at the sushi restaurant, then go home and have wine there...

20. Running hurts your knees. The elliptical hurts your knees. Everything hurts. 

yes it does.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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