Monday, August 5, 2013

It doesn't Feel Right and Unbelievable People.

One of the wonderful things about our apartment is that it not only came furnished, but it also has a TV that is hooked up to cable!

It is the first time ever that Nick and I have cable TV, so yes, this is a big deal. Unfortunately, only 2 news channels are English... This means, I have every other channel all to myself!
We don't generally watch a lot of TV, but after reading and working on things that I don't understand, it's nice to not have to exhaust my brain cells any further and watch something stupid.

What disturbs me, however, is how the terrible some of the dubbing is done! It is painful to hear the voices of anyone on the "Big Bang Theory", here in Germany. It is just so far off from what the actors' voices actually sound like and they really don't fit the physical appearance of the characters. Bernadette has a completely normal voice here and don't get me started on Raj's accent.


Luckily, one of my favorite shows, "Castle", is done so well, that I couldn't even tell you afterwards, whether I have seen it in English or German.

There is something else that has bugged me since I randomly found it online.

Screen shot from this source.
At first, I thought this was a joke.

But it's not. She is dead serious about this! There is so much wrong with this that I don't even know where to begin. It is absolutely beyond me what goes on in some people's mind. Really?! We should expect women to bounce back to postpartum body within a week now?!

I have to admit, I am not a mom, I have never been pregnant before. So I can only speak as a woman and as someone who has seen many women in my family and friends around me carry babies. - And it has never even crossed my mind how they might look before, during, or after giving birth. They are growing a living being inside of them! A little person. For nine months. And then the first thing that comes to mind - after x hours of labor and the news that mommy and baby are healthy - is to request the mom to meet your demands of a specific and completely unrealistic body image?! Wtf is this?!

What bugs me the most, I think, is that people feel the need to share these thoughts online. For young women or girls to read. For mothers to read. For men to read. Suggesting that there is something wrong with anyone who doesn't "look like Beyonce" - even Beyonce knows better than this!


Having a baby is an absolutely intimate thing. From receiving to giving birth. How moms and moms-to-be look is neither important nor any of my or your business. Respect peoples' privacy, respect their bodies, respect the hard work and devotion they go through, physically and mentally, to have children.


I know, you will probably say "why are you even talking about this? you don't know anything about pregnancy."

I am talking about this, because I feel very strongly about people creating completely unreasonable body images that women should fit. Too many of us already spend way too much time criticizing how we look, beating ourselves up how much we weigh, how others might perceive us. And although I have never been pregnant, I am feeling with every woman who is put under pressure to look a certain way. And I want to make sure that women, who feel this pressure, know that they shouldn't. It's not worth it. It's not important. If you are healthy and happy, it really doesn't matter. Especially after you have given birth.

And above all reasons for me to talk about this, I just can't take the thought of all the wonderful moms/ moms-to-be, who are close to me, with all the great things they do and the love they give, being diminished and criticized because of this superficiality.

People like above person are just unbelievable to me.


Now, after having said all this, I found an article through a friend on Facebook. Apparently, I am not the only one being disturbed by this whole thing.
So if you want to read the opinion of an actual mom who knows what she is talking about, please hop on over and read her article.

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