Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am ruined! Or: A Sloth in Sweatpants.

Yes. It's true.

This past week did it. It ruined me for whatever work may come up in the next few days. Maybe weeks and months.

I don't think I have had a chance to relax in months like I did in the past 36 hrs!

Even before I finished my paper and just decided to work from home, Nick has been incredibly helpful.
Since yesterday morning, I have been nothing but a sloth in sweatpants.

He sets the table, he pulls the couch out for me, and puts sheets on - just so that I can be on my laptop and be comfortable. Tonight, he did the dishes while I watched TV. I didn't even know he was doing them! I just walked into the kitchen, and they were done! I don't want to cause him any work and I don't want to be useless. Then again, I feel incredibly loved and taken care of.

I do.

Today, I did a crossword puzzle. People. A crossword puzzle.

I can't even wrap my head around that one.

Please don't check my answers.
Thank you. It fits in the boxes, so it works.

And it was a crappy one. 

Now, I am off to watch a documentary on a German beer hall (HofbrÀuhaus) that is being opened in Chicago. I know. It's time to get to work again tomorrow. 

This is a terrible picture of our TV, showing the mayor of Chicago,
getting the first beer from the keg at the Grand Opening.
I bet you were dying to see this.

This can't go on like this forever. Monday better gets here soon.

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