Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Knee Deep.

How is it mid August already?! It feels like I missed a whole month. Was it ever June? I think we were tricked into skipping it, because I don't remember June at all.

After being done with my torturous paper, I am finally back and knee deep in the next one. However, I am a bit more excited about this project, because the topic is a bit more up my alley and I am enjoying the research.

Have you ever been to the library on crutches? You should totally do it. I will lend you mine, if you want. They don't allow backpacks in libraries here, so you have to fit everything you want to take with you (whether in or out) into a see-through plastic bag that is about the size of my purse. Actually, I am fairly certain I can fit more things into my purse. Plus, I can wear my purse over my shoulder, which makes the crutching much easier.

Luckily, the people at this library have a heart for disabled people and I had my own designated locket and didn't even have to pay for it! 

See the smurf sized plastic bag?!

The locker even came with a little pull out table! So handy!

I managed to haul all these books over 8 stories (!) and then back home. I wish I had been able to find the elevator before I exited the building...

And these books have kept me busy since then. In case you were wondering why it has been quiet over the past couple of days - that's what I have kept myself occupied with.
Well, that and going to the gym - and eating loads of candy, of course.

What have you been up to?

Do/ Did you enjoy writing papers? yes and no.

Which color of gummy candy is your "go to"? white! (or red, or green)

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