Wednesday, June 5, 2013


A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks - hence me only posting once and then abandoning the shiny new blog.

To give a quick review of the biggest two things in past weeks: 

- I ran a 5k! Whoohoo! 
I was probably an idiot about it, because I didn't know how much I should warm up, so I figured: I just run to campus (where the race took place) and ended up warming up with a two mile run. 
The race was great! People are so fast though! One day, I am sure, I will pass them all :o)
I don't have a picture of the race, unfortunately, but I have a picture of my "new" running shoes. I am in love! It is like running on fluffy clouds yet they give you a lot of support - it's magic!

the super shoes! Nimbus 14

- We moved! To Berlin!
Lucy and I went first and then Nick followed a week later. It was quite an adventure, let me tell you! We had already prepared Lucy, by getting her a new crate in advance (she has always been crate trained). So she had a chance to feel home in her new travel crate before we took off. She was even able to take Mr Pig with her (her favorite toy) and her blanket. 

Lucy and Mr Pig in her new "house".

When Nick dropped us off at JFK, Lucy had her first wtf-moment. She stared at us from her little house, suspecting that something was up. I had to walk away, or I would have let her out and taken her as a carry on. It was just such a weird, sad, and anxious moment. 
during the layover in Frankfurt, waiting for our plane to board

The flight was okay. We had a 2hr layover in Frankfurt and the plane to Berlin was much smaller and "bumpier" than the big one from New York. We landed quite rough, but we made it. 
The biggest surprise was that my parents picked us up from the airport! That sneaky old folks had fooled us good! My mom even sent me a heartfelt email the day before, how sorry she was that they couldn't welcome us! (I will get back at you, muah!)

Lucy was completely disoriented and cried so hard in her little box that it broke my heart. It sounded like she was going to die of heartache in there. 
So I let her out - and she was perfectly fine. What a clown. 

We came to the apartment and my mom and dad had filled the fridge, prepared everything, had brought breakfast and lunch, and even put fresh flowers on the table! It couldn't have been more perfect. 
So, if you ever want to make me happy, fill the fridge with delicious food, bake a cake, buy pretty flowers, make coffee... I am so easy to please! :o)

streusel-rhubarb-cheese cake... Mama is the best!

Finally, a little over a week ago, Nick arrived and our apartment actually felt like home. 

Trust me, when he is gone, I turn into a sad hermit and lose any ability to function like an adult. I eat nothing but ice cream and Haribo and watch shows on TV that probably lower my IQ by the minute. This time, it was even worse, because I couldn't go online! No internet, no cell phone (Thanks, Deutsche Telekom). 

Lucy finally told me to get my act together, shower, and go outside. So that's what we did. 
We even found a shady little shop that sold me one of those internet USB thingys. Unfortunately, it was already opened before and the 7day free trial card was removed and the SIM already registered by somebody named George. No big deal, we only had to walk 2 miles back to the store to ask what the heck was going on. 

"Alles gut!" They remove the gift cards before they sell the packages, because it's such a good deal! And George is the guy at the register. All SIM cards are under his name... Totally normal! (What now?!) 
After spending €50 and being told that women are just bad with technology (wtf!), I finally had internet and a terrible mood. If it hadn't been about being in touch with Nick for the next week, I would have loved to tell him what I think about all this, but I just angrily paid and went home. 

Now that we are settled, have internet, and are finally complete, things are going much better. 

The weather in Berlin is terrific for running. Seriously, if you are looking for a great place to run: move here (I think there is even an apartment available next door! :o)
I took these two pictures during my first run: 

Yep. I like it!

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