Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It finally happened and Awesome visitors!

Yes! It finally happened!
I ran!

This is me, trying to look happy despite the uncontrollable hair.
(No, I didn't have time to look for my Bondi bands.) 

I couldn't believe it either. It has been 12 really long, sad days since last Friday.
As I told you before, the plan was to run 3 miles, but then I changed the route mid run and ended up doing 4. But they were really moderate and slow and Nick, there is no reason to worry. That's why you can skip the next few paragraphs.

After the first mile my knee started acting up and I got really worried that I hadn't given it enough rest. It was only for about half a mile and then it went away. I made sure to run really really slow, only picking up a tiny bit more speed towards the end.

To play it really safe, I took the elevator up when I got back! :o)

No need to get jealous. Our elevator fits about 2.5 people (Nick, Lucy, and myself) and although I like taking it, we do have members in the family who don't trust it at all. I can understand the fear to an extend, since it actually does look more like a closet than an elevator - and it is from 1958.

I apologize for the weird face.  Half a second before I took this, I realized
that the mail man was looking in from the outside.
Awkward. Very awkward.

One thing I have learned the hard way: never ever underestimate the importance of stretching. It is now the first thing I do when I get in the door and I make sure not to only spend 3 minutes doing it.

After that, it was time to get ready for a very important and super exciting visit!
My parents are in town for vacation this week and today, they picked me up so that Nick could work without being interrupted from me sitting on the couch and crinkling candy wrappings while he is trying to focus.

My parents actually arrived yesterday already, but Berlin did not welcome them with the best of all possible weathers. So we decided to wait and meet up today, since it just poured all day long. Not even Lucy wanted to go out!

This is us yesterday, right after I told her that we are going to walk through the rain. 

She pulled back home for the entire walk, complaining why I wouldn't let her go potty in our apartment.

Walking in opposite directions with a leash,
is not working out so well. 
It was a rough day.

Today, she was in a much better spirit. My dad and her are the best of friends and she always gets super excited when he drives all the way to just visit her.

Of course, as proper adults and hosts, we had some breakfast/ brunch prepared to welcome Lucy's special guests.

There was so much on the table
that I had to prioritize and focus on the pastries.
Unfortunately, I can't handle our micro-fridge and managed to freeze and defrost (maybe even several times) our sliced cheese. It looked nothing like cheese anymore and I had to hide it in the garbage. Nobody can ever find out about this.

Then, we went off to some crazy adventures around Berlin! Our first stop was one of the prettiest castles I know.

Schloss Charlottenburg (The Castle in Charlottenburg)
Of course, we had to check out what the people looked like that lived here before. So we did the next logical thing and went into the mausoleum in the park behind the palace.

If your nerves have a hard time looking at graves, close your eyes for the next few pictures.

Kaiser Wilhelm I. 

A very big, very Prussian looking guy. 

Queen Luise. Her memorial is by far the most impressive one.
It is one of the most artful works made of marble I have ever seen. 
A big bird right underneath Luise's head.
Following this exciting excursion into the history of German emperors and their family members, we went for a walk at a nearby lake.

Thankfully, my parents both have smart phones, so that we were never in any danger of getting lost. I think.

Enjoy the nature, people! Look, there is water!
Obviously, my parents are way ahead of me when it comes to handling fancy phones.

Still. No idea what's with my face.

However, we also managed to take actual pictures of each other to capture this wonderful and special day.

Thank you for visiting you two! It was a truly terrific afternoon!!

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