Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I have no words and how to not pick up poop

Do you know those days that are just crap from the very beginning and you just know that it can only get better from here?
Ja. That's what's happening.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (Stinaonthemove) you already know that the run didn't happen.

I had my gear laid out so that I can just roll out of bed and start running. Around 3am, however, I woke up and there was a terrible rain storm outside. I kept waking up, because I dreamt that it stopped raining and I could get going. But it hadn't. As I was jealous of all those people who have a gym pass, I decided to just run in the rain, because a wet run is always better than nothing. Then I twisted my knee when getting out of bed. Yes. I just fail at life.


So I took Lucy out for a morning walk in the pouring rain. She was less than amused about the water coming down on her and gave me quite the guilt trip for not allowing her to poop in the apartment.

We always pick up what she drops for us on the side walk and guess what - there is not only a wrong way to get out of bed, but also a terrible way to pick up dog crap.

Picture me with an umbrella squeezed between my chin and shoulder, somehow balancing it above my head to avoid drowning in the rain, having a dog, who is jumping in excitement to have someone cleaning after her, on a leash, and a little green plastic bag. At the end of it, Lucy had completely wrapped me in her leash, the umbrella fell, and while saving her poop from falling back out of the bag, I pulled something in my back. I told you. I just can't handle life. I blame it on having two hands and two feet. Who can keep the oversight there?!


Now I am in terrible pain between my shoulders every time I breathe. Thankfully, I really love to complain, so it's not all that bad, because I get to do that for a while. Nick, you are just going to love it!

To top the already spectacular day, I am happy to announce that the student ticket/ enrollment still hasn't happened. For the past days, there were many phone calls, forms, seals, emails, letters, copies, scans, and stamps etc. Then today, I finally received an that said "please email this person, she will enroll you right away".
I was dizzy from excitement - until said lady responded to my email that she didn't realize that I was a German citizen and she can't help me. However, she was nice enough to refer me to the admissions office. The same office I have been talking to for the past weeks.

We officially did a full circle.


I almost feel like this was an accomplishment. Almost.

Have you ever dreamt something and then woke up thinking it actually happened? - All the time.

Are you a rain-runner? - I really don't mind the rain. I'd prefer an overcast or slightly sunny day, but rain is better than terrible heat and humidity.

Have you ever injured yourself while doing daily life things? 


  1. Love you and miss you, I really enjoy being able to be part of your life when you are so far away,

    Mom in New York

    1. Aww thank you for your sweet comment! We miss you guys very much as well and we are excited to see you again really soon! :o)