Thursday, June 6, 2013

Feels like Christmas

I was going to devote this entire post to the experiences I have had with German bureaucracy for the past three weeks - but it's too soon to talk about it. It's just too soon.

It's a beautiful morning here in Berlin (yes, in the House of Speach 4pm local time is still considered morning). Even the fact that Lucy prepared a little surprise for us last night and emptied her stomach on the once beautiful, fluffy, white rug in the living room - not in just one spot but in four - couldn't put a damper on the day. 

I will spare you the pictures. You are welcome. 

Instead I will tell you about a very exciting package that we received in the mail yesterday. 

Yes, that is in fact a big package and the reasons why we ordered it were both shame and envy. You see, last weekend, Nick and I got up super early (9am!) to do our weekly grocery trip. 
Since my arms are completely useless to carry anything heavier than 8oz, we took our empty luggage with us and walked to the store. 

It's a 20 minute walk to get there and on the way, we saw all the other Germans doing the same thing: walking in the sun to get fresh bread, milk, and Haribo for next week. 

It was a wonderful quiet morning and you could hear nothing but the birds and some people talking - until Nick and I hit cobblestone on the sidewalk. Our suitcase was banging on the pavement, sounding like we were pulling an empty big wooden box, while hitting it with sticks.

People were staring. Old people were staring, as they were passing us with their beautiful grammy carts with 12" custom rims and Michelin tires. 
Don't get me wrong, our suitcase is great! When we bought it, the lady at the register commented on how pretty it was, and how expensive. Nick even thought she felt offended by us spending so much money on a suitcase. - But it is not made to roll it to Aldi do get frozen pizza and cans of beans. We walked in shame, with our suitcase waking the entire city, while admiring every grammy cart that passed us. 

Of course, now you know whats's coming: We are now the proud owners of a brand new and proper shopping trolley!! 

"Does it do anything special?"

However, Lucy doesn't get what the big deal is.

"It's a shopping cart, Lady, get over it."
She's a dog. What does she know?! 

Nick and I are excited to take it for a spin on Saturday. 
One step closer to our full integration into the German-Berliner-culture! 

What are you up to today? 
Did you have any surprises in the morning? 
More importantly: How do you do your groceries? (take the car, carry bags, pull a cart, ... or order delivery?)

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