Friday, June 21, 2013

Awesome day and two tips!

Happy Friday!
Can we talk about how quickly this Friday snuck up on us?! I can't believe that it has already been a week since we packed our things to go see my family. Crazy!

However, it has been an awesome day so far! Nick and I were greeted with this!

Kündigungsbestätigung - confirmation of cancelation 
Hoorray!! Remember when I told you about the issues we had getting internet and phone service at our house? Well, all those problems made me switch providers as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to get out of a contract here than it is in the US. It took 4 handwritten letters and a few phone calls, but now, it's done! In Germany, the key is to have things in writing - and hang on to them - forever - and pass them on to your grandchildren. We just love stamped, signed, and approved documents so much.

After these happy news, we decided to take our coffee outside and go for a walk with Lucy. 

We found this guy in front of the city hall in Schöneberg. You may remember the other bear I found on one of my runs the other day. This one wasn't as colorful, but still kinda cool. 

The city hall in Schöneberg is particularly interesting to see, since it was here, where J. F. Kennedy gave his famous speech almost exactly 50 years ago (on June 26, 1963). It is incredible, how much his words ("ich bin ein Berliner") have meant to so many people over the years.

After that, Lucy told us to stop walking around places with fake bears and go to the park.

Coffee for us, water for the fur-ball.

She was too slow to catch the beagle,
so she hid in a hole under a bench. 

On the way home, we walked by another awesome place! 
Germans are quite serious about rules. Especially when it comes to traffic laws, there is no joking around. It's serious business. So don't even think about jay-walking. 

That is why we have little places like this, where kids can learn everything they need to know about all those traffic regulations. You can take those little "cars", or practice riding your bike here to get ready for your bike test.
Yes, we have bike test and every child in German elementary school takes it. I can tell you all about it some other time.

I was going to take a better picture of the traffic-practice-place, but there were people with kids and I didn't want to make them think I am a creepy weirdo. So I hid in the bushes to take this one.

From my previous whining about my knee, you know that I have not been able to run in a week. It's been quite rough. I have had serious running-envy and complained to Nick about it. He is probably just as happy as me when this is over. 

Until then, I have been doing everything I can to treat my knee and (aside from R.I.C.E - rest, ice, compress, elevate) I found two cremes that are helping really well with the sports injuries I've had thus far.


This one is called "doc gel" and it contains ibuprofen and I like it a lot better than taking pills. You just apply it to the injured area and the medication gets absorbed right where it's needed. I had never heard of it before, but the pharmacist recommended it and I am already a fan. 

The other cream, or gel, I use is Arnica gel. In the US, you can definitely get it at CVS. That's where I bought "Arnicare", but there are different brands that make it. 
It is a homeopathic medication and 100% natural. I found that it is really good for minor injuries and swelling. I pulled my achilles tendon a little while ago and used it for the first time then. This stuff is truly wonderful! 

Just so you know, none of the manufacturers has paid or tricked me into saying these nice things about those two items. I am just sharing my personal unprofessional opinion. 

Did you get to run today? 

How do you take care of sports injuries?

Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? 

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