Monday, June 10, 2013

on size

One of the widely accepted opinions about the US is that everything is bigger in Obamaland. I don't know what parameters this prejudice is based on, but it is definitely true that our previous home had much more space than the one we live in now. 

Aside from bedroom, living room, and a huge eat-in kitchen, Nick and I each had our own office, Lucy had her backyard, and we had 2.5 bathrooms to chose from. I felt like such a grown up, living in a house like that. 
With our transatlantic move, we traded the house for an apartment that is on the third floor and a third of the size. I was prepared for the worst. 

Especially Lucy had me worried. I was afraid that she would spaz out on us by being in a small apartment, locked in with the two of us, with no backyard - seriously, I had dreams of her pooping all over the furniture that came with the place while giving us dirty "this is what you have made me" looks. 

Then, we arrived and our hairy roommate is happy as a clam. She loves being on the balcony and is creeping on everyone who is walking by - just like the old guy across the street. 
We may rename her from Lucy to Stasi. 


Sometimes, Nick and I are laying there with her, growling if you don't sort your garbage into the right container. Just kidding. Maybe. 

Don't worry, our home has rooms on the inside, too. 

we have an almost full kitchen, no dishwasher! I know, Lucy has to learn how to do dishes ASAP!

our bathroom with the most amazing bath tub

bedroom (Love the picture of the poppies - so pretty! I hope it fits in my suitcase.)

Hallway. Do you own an actual cabinet-thingy for shoes? If not, go get one right this minute! I  want to hug our landlady for putting one in here. It's so awesome that I am almost forgiving her for the missing dishwasher. Almost.

Living room with Lucy's butt and Nick being creepy in the shade.
To the right, there is a dining table and a couch/chair on the left.
You can't see it, but trust me, it's there.  

Another picture of stasi-dog, because she is awesome. 
It really doesn't feel too small at all, because the layout is terrific. 

One thing that I still have to get used to is the size of the fridge. It is probably a quarter of the size of our previous one. All we can fit in there is yoghurt, melon, and beer - and with that, you have a full overview of our diet. (I am thankful every day that peanut butter doesn't have to be refrigerated! You think I'm kidding!?)

That was the tour! You see, not everyone in potato country lives in potato homes. Just a few of us.


  1. It looks very cozy! I like all the separate spaces. I bet you could even fit a desk in that big broad hallway. Request: I would like to see a picture of the "amazing" tub perhaps with bubbles?

  2. It IS very cozy! Unfortunately, Lucy has parked her mobile home in the hallway and it's taking up quite a bit of space (Rude!).
    I will definitely "work" on getting you an amazing bubble-bath-picture asap! Just to convince you to come visit, I will add a few playground pictures for Maddie...! Ha!