Thursday, June 20, 2013

picture potpourri


I know, this is a super late blog post and I have no idea how it happened. I blame it on the warm weather, and the fact that I have to write a paper, and that I just had to try to take pictures of lightnings. For an hour.
Have you ever tried that? Either it is incredibly hard, or I am just the worst photographer in the history of mankind.

But, here are a few pictures of moments in our week so far.

Last weekend, as we walked in the door at my parents' house, my brother Batta (Sebastian) had the best surprise for us! - Not one, but TWO bags filled with the most delicious custom candy collection my taste buds have ever had the pleasure to taste.
Who, you are most certainly thinking, is the wonderful human being who not only carefully selects the best of the best candy, but also GIVE IT AWAY TO SOMEONE ELSE!?

My brother's sweet, sweet girlfriend! Isn't that amazing!!? She is my absolute favorite now.

Look at this.
(I took this picture right in time before the first bag disappeared.)
and this!!

Yes, the candy always has a spot between us.
Nick and I are the best candy sharing team you will ever meet.
(And yes, pink and gray is an awesome combination for socks.) 

I don't know if you heard about it, but Germany has been flooded. 
I am not joking. There have been major rain falls, which caused some of the biggest rivers to completely overflow and dikes to soak and break. Thousands of people have lost their homes. We are extremely thankful that no one in my family is directly effected. Nonetheless, it's been devastating just to see all the pictures on the news of those, who have lost everything they ever owned.
When Nick and I went on our trip home last weekend, we crossed the Elbe river by Magdeburg and I have never seen anything like it. Huge trees were covered in water and just their tips looked out. 

People tried to come up with all sorts of plans to stop the water from running, spending night and day filling sand bags.
When one of the dikes broke at a length of 90meters, leaking 300.000liters/second, someone came up with the idea to sink carriage boats (those long boats without engines that are just being pushed to transport goods) to stop the water. And that's what they did!

Have you ever seen anything like this?!

Speaking of weather, Lucy was not a fan of summer arriving in Germany. It was hot here over the past few days and she couldn't creep on the neighbors. It ruined her week.

"I hate summer."
"This is not fair!"

 You may already know that I just LOVE this (mid morning, early afternoon, late night) snack. I am not exaggerating when I say that you will see this being eaten in our house at least 10 times a week.

Yoghurt with Müsli. 

 Today, Nick and I tried a new candy. It wouldn't be right to always just mention Haribo on this blog. We have another terrific gummy candy brand: "Katjes".
This one is the new "Katjes Mango" kind. It is really good and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

(and yes, I think the picture is a little weird. Who eats mango like that?!)

You should eat it like this! 
  To make Lucy happy, I took her to the park last night. She was so excited, it was just as hard taking a picture with her as it is to capture a lighting.

Look over here!
"Over here!"

Close enough!

"I'm going to the PARK!"

It was hot at the park!

 Now, we are sitting in our warm apartment and are so excited about the thunderstorm outside. The smell of rain after a hot summer day is priceless.

Hopefully, in two days, I can get back into my running shoes... That would make this already beautiful week just perfect.

What are your happy moments of this week? Did you do anything fun?

Have you ever had mango gummy candy?

What is your favorite smell? - fresh cut grass, and rain.

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