Friday, June 14, 2013

I was robbed!

First, I would like to thank Germany, and the city of Berlin in particular, for yet another day of perfect running weather! When I went out this morning, it was in the upper 50s and overcast, with a slight breeze. Awesome!

I always get really happy when it's a little windy, since it makes me feel like I am running so much faster, having the wind blow on my face :o)
Did you ever have that feeling? The other day, I could hear the wind blowing by my head. It totally made my day. Until I stopped and the sound of the wind was still there. Oh well. 

The awesome thing when running in Berlin is: there is always something to see! Even if it's just a crazy colored bear in a frame, with a bench, in the middle of an intersection. 
I thought about sitting on the bench and ask someone to take a picture, but then I chickened out. That's why I need a running buddy! You have no choice but to move to Berlin and run with me and we can take fantastic pictures of landmarks like this one.  

One of the big roads I ran down is actually the really touristy "5th Avenue of Berlin" (the actual name is "Kurf├╝rstendamm"). 

I felt so fancy running through all those people in suits, standing in front of the stores to greet customers - until I remembered that I look like a sweaty pig in a neon shirt. 

The plan for today's run was to only do easy 3miles, but the weather felt so good that I ended up doing 6. I just had to make use of the day. The pacing was a bit off from me staring at the shopping windows or taking weird pictures, but I ended up with an overall of 9.55 (pausing your GPS would be too difficult, obviously). 

But lets not waste any more time and look at what I discovered. Someone robbed us overnight!

You will definitely understand my sheer horror, when I saw this:

Do you remember this box from yesterday? Ja, me too.
Someone took all of it!

The worst is yet to come!

Can you see what's in there?


The McKayla Maroney-face is unintentional, plus I wasn't unimpressed,
but rather confused about how to handle this horrifying moment.
This was the only piece of gummy candy left in our house!! Everything else was taken, just like the pastries! Why would you do such a thing to anyone?! Cruel!

Thankfully, Nick and I rented a car today and we just got back from the store to restock. So don't worry. I didn't die. Just almost.

So much bigger than my bike!

Why would you rent a car in Berlin?
Because we are going to see my family tomorrow to celebrate some birthdays! Nick and I are beyond excited and can't wait to get on the road.

You have to know that until last December, there was a stretch of 3.5 years where I didn't see my family. Then we stayed with my parents for a month last winter - and now, I will see my brothers for the first time since then.

Now, we are just super excited that we can hop in the car tomorrow and DRIVE there (as opposed to flying)! It will also be the first time that Nick will drive on the Autobahn! Lucy and I get to just sit and relax until we are there - and everyone is happy.

 ... and a picture of Lucy in the mud at the dog park today. 
What are you up to today? 

How did your run go? Were you lucky with the weather, too?

Do you prefer cool runs or runs in warm summer weather? - definitely cool runs!

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