Friday, June 7, 2013

on the run

I had grand plans to get up exceptionally early to get a run in before it got warm out. Let's just say, I postponed the early run to another morning.

Instead, I did what every smart person would do and waited for the sun to rise all the way and left when it was noon.

Yes, it's ok if you still look like you just crawled out of bed at that time of the day.

This is a professional photograph of the route through a nearby park where I was going to run, taken right before I left, straight from my laptop. You see, if I don't plan out my run down to every turn I want to take AND take a picture of it, I will get lost.

The first week I was in Berlin, my brother stayed with me and I had to call him during my run, so that he could tell me where I was and how to get home. I blame it on the time change. The world just turns differently here. It's complicated. 

The park you see in the pictures was filled with people sunbathing. It seems like people in Berlin are taking their public tanning quite seriously. I had forgotten how comfortable people in this country feel about displaying their uncovered bodies - to say the least, the run was interesting and full of surprises. Don't worry, nothing inappropriate is captured on my pictures. I hope. 

trees! and grass!
The website had told me that it is about 4.6 miles to circle the entire park area and with the few blocks that I had to run to get to this oddly shaped trail, it added up to just under 6 miles. 

You wouldn't believe how many playgrounds there are in this place! I counted 9, but you probably have to deduct 2 or 3, since I was running in circles. (Shannon, in case you read this: Maddie will need approximately 4 weeks to explore them all, so make sure you bring lots of time when you guys come visit! ha!)

My pacing was horrible. I started slow (mile 1 split of 9:30) and ended even slower (mile 6 split of 10:35). It was hot, my legs hurt, there was an incredible amount of pollen in the air, and all those flies! I died at least twice. 
However, I took some pictures for you to look at and be jealous how pretty it was where I trotted along. 

one of the small lakes

You can't see it, but there is a golden deer on top of the pillar.

water and half of my sweaty face

There you have it. 
Now I am back home and getting ready to take Lucy for a walk around the block - but, not before properly refueling and what could be better than having a cold "Flutschfinger" after a hot run? - Nothing. There is nothing better. 

To all English speaking readers: please don't try to translate the name of this colorful deliciousness. You will think less of me and my home country. Thank you. 

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