Monday, June 24, 2013

Tired and Should I move?

Have you ever stayed up all night and were awake for 2 days in a row? Do you know the feeling? Maybe it's just me being weak, but I would love to just do this:


The saddest part about this is: I didn't party. And I did sleep a few hours. 

This morning, our landlady came for a visit and because I'm a freak, I woke up every hour, thinking that I slept in and left her standing outside. 


But we didn't sleep in. We even made coffee and had cookies and no, I couldn't believe it either.
Honestly, the lady we are renting from is really awesome! We had met her before for a few minutes when we looked at the apartment back in December, but all I could remember was that she had blonde hair. My brain doesn't work well with faces. Or names. Or song titles. Or band names. Or titles of movies. 

Anyhow, our landlady even brought flowers!! How great is that?! She made be feel so grown up.

I think aside from Mama, nobody has ever brought me flowers when coming over for coffee. So sweet!

Aren't they pretty?!

After she left and we had emptied the first cups of coffee, Nick, Lucy, and I dragged ourselves to the park. Not without picking up more caffeine on the way, though. 

They gave each of us a cookie with our coffee.
We will be only going there from now on.
That was it when it comes to productivity today. For the past hours, I have been a useless sloth on the couch, trying to nap, or read for my paper, but the day is just lost. 

Tomorrow. Tomorrow,  I will do ALL the things! 

Most importantly, I will go for a run again tomorrow!!! Therefore, I can feel less bad about being a lazy bean today, or about eating way more watermelon than I thought was humanly possible. 
I have already been mapping out in my head where I will run! Ah! 
I think, I will be shooting for 3 miles, just to see how the knee will do. Keep your fingers crossed that I won't be limping home. (If that is the case, I will have to convince Nick to buy an elliptical and put it on our balcony.)

Before I am crawling back into the perfect sloth position and watching senseless TV, there is an important question to think about. 
I am not too happy with the website. I don't like that it gives people trouble to comment - especially from their phones. Should I move? I know I am just at the beginning of blogging, so if I decide to go somewhere else, now would probably be the perfect time to do it. 
Word Press is looking pretty good to me. But I would appreciate your input. 

In case you have a blog: Which one are you using? What do you like about it?

How much watermelon can you eat? - as much as we have in the fridge. 

How do you feel about starting to run again after an injury break? - Excited! 

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