Monday, June 17, 2013

Nick surprised all of us and I have been keeping something from you

Good Morning!

Congratulations to everyone finishing the Ironman in Berlin yesterday! I heard nothing but great things about the race. In case you didn't hear: Ironlady Barbara Riveros finished in 4:16:10 and Ironman Michael Raelert did it in 3:46:56.

Today, it is warm in Berlin, people! Summer has definitely arrived and I am at home, going back and forth between happiness of not having to run in the heat and devastation about my IT band and the fact that I can't run. 

Have you ever had a bad dream of not being able to run and then woken up realizing that this is what's really happening? eeek. It's no fun. 

I have been keeping some news from you. 
On June 3, the registration for the Berlin Half Marathon opened and I signed up for it. It will be my first half marathon and it is quite the feeling to be registered for it! The race is still really far away (on March 30, 2014), but seeing how fast the Marathon was sold out (all 40,000 spots were gone within 3.5 hrs!!), I wanted to make sure that I got in. 

At least, I have enough time until then to work on being able to finish :o)

Even though I am scared that I won't make it, I am so excited to have a race to look forward to! And I don't even have to travel for it. I can just fall out of bed and start running. It will be spectacular. 

Speaking of spectacular: Nick surprised all of us with skills, I have not yet known!
Do you remember the beautiful cherry tree I showed you yesterday?

This one. 
Since my grandpa passed away, every year, thousands of cherries went to waste at the very top of the tree. We were left with whatever we could reach with ladders and various long cherry-picking-utensils. 

Then someone mentioned tree climbing in a different context and before we knew it, my husband had run up the tree. Yes, he ran! There was barely any time to take a picture before he was at the top of it. 

See that branch he is standing on? He just jumped up
on that one and pulled himself up in .2 seconds. Incredible!

We now have access to an endless supply of the most perfect cherries! Happiness. 

Do you have any races coming up?

Would you/ Have you ever sign/ed up for the Ironman?

Do you agree that cherry tree climbing should be part of the Ironman disciplines? - definitely! 


  1. LOVE the cherry tree!! :)
    Congrats on registering for your first half marathon!! :) Enjoy the journey and training! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    1. Thank you for writing an awesome blog!
      i am still in disbelief about the half marathon, but the registration has my name on it... so I guess its happening. Ha!