Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You Know Your Day is Going to be Awesome...

... if your 3 months old blow dryer explodes pops in your hand first thing in the morning!

Because about one second later you realize that you did not only just not die, but are also going to get a new hair dryer!!


Unfortunately, I didn't have the receipt anymore (of course, I kept the receipt for a pack of herbal tea and the €7.99 sandwich toaster that we never use...), but the lady at the store forgave me and just traded my broken hair dryer with a brand new and shiny one!

Why is this spectacular? - Well, this does not normally happen in Germany.

Germany is the land of receipts, of paper trails, written proof, documents, certifications, seals, and signatures. Being able to return or exchange something without a receipt is like winning the lottery to me!

Needless to say, I feel unstoppable now.


Or to put it in other words: even if I don't understand the readings I have been working on for four weeks am working on now, at least my hair is done.

Happy Wednesday!

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