Friday, October 11, 2013

Celebration and More Happiness as of Late

Good morning everyone!

First, let me tell you That, as every year, we had the best anniversary and I cannot wait for many many more to come!

Since we are in Berlin and this city is absolutely amazing (again, you should come and visit), we decided to stay here. 
First, we went for an amazing breakfast at the KaDeWe (just picture the biggest and fanciest department store that you have ever seen and while you are at it, also imagine angels singing while you walk through the entrance). It is truly something else to walk through this building. They have a huge restaurant on the top floor that is overlooking the city. It was perfect for our anniversary. Not to mention that the food was delicious!

We then proceeded to go window shopping and walking around Berlin. For dinner, we had our all time favorite (Döner and Lamachun), but this time with a nice wine and extra special dessert.

I clearly couldn't wait with my dinner to take a
picture of the "Überraschungsei" (surprise egg).
They are one of my most favorite candy.
Chocolate and a surprise. How do you not love this?!

It was freezing cold and pouring out, when we decided to walk to get our food. By the time we had paid for it, our hands were frozen and we were drenched. For a minute, we thought about hopping on the train, but we didn't have any change on us for a ticket and even if it is just one stop, we would feel so guilty not having paid for it, we walked all the way back - and lived. (Plus, let's not forget my fear of policemen...)

Oh! We also watched The Great Gatsby. Something we had wanted to do forever. I yet have to decide how I feel about this movie.

This, however, was one of my favorite appearances ever.

Something else happened that, because it made me just as cheerful, I have to share with you. Since we moved here, I no longer had the luxury of having a dryer in the apartment. We have a smurf-size-washingmachine (Nick and I can't decide whether it is a 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 washing machine. I am actually voting for 1/7.), however, we have to line dry everything and I am not a fan. I can get used to feeling that my bath towel is scraping my skin off, I can even get used to the minor breakdowns, caused by attempts to get into jeans that are stiff as card-board and that feel at least 2 sizes smaller than a few days before, but I can't get used to the smell.

If we get to dry our things outside and none of the neighbors smoke or bbq on their balconies, we are golden. In case it starts raining, however, (or cold, as of late) we have to bring the laundry in and dry it in our apartment.
The mixture of cooking smells, food, flowers, dog/ wet dog stink, cleaning supply, or any other odors that are possibly floating in our home is too much for me to take.


Not just once, I washed things two or three times.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Have you ever experienced that? (I am just pretending you all have.) It's the same if you hang up hand-washed clothes in the bathroom and let it completely dry there. All the bathroom smells are being soaked up by this one piece of laundry and by the time it has dried, it smells disgusting. Jeans are the worst.


I have had enough of this. From now on, I am washing our clothes here in the apartment and then packing them up and taking them to the laundromat to throw everything in the dryer.
(No worries, the laundromat is only a 3minute walk away.)

This is happy me with the last (of four) loads of laundry.
I am still thankful for the huge bag that
the lady at the bakery gifted us with. 

I was so excited for my shower and the wonderful smell of my soft and fluffy towel - and it did not disappoint.


So much happiness around here, lately. I can barely handle it.

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