Thursday, October 17, 2013

Edited: Getting Mail and Big Plans

I was thinking about skipping the blog for today, as I am still a sad ball of sickness, but there are a couple of things I wanted to share with you.

First things first: The pillows came in the mail!!

This is basically what I do every time I receive something in the mail that doesn't look like a bill. 

Of course, it makes me even happier than Carlton in a Christmas sweater when I receive packages! I love getting packages in the mail. Don't we all?! I don't even care if I was the one ordering/ paying for it. So receiving the pillows in a big box was a pretty exciting moment! 

However, you know what doesn't make me happy? Every time I get home and receive a note from the mail man instead, telling me that we missed each other and I can come pick up the package on THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY. - Which, we all know it, is always too late!

I also don't want to bother our neighbors with random packages of (very heavy) dog food, books, or other things. 

That's why I signed up for a "Paketstation" (a station, similar to a PO Box). 
Since I left this country five years ago, quite a number of improvements happened here! One of those is the concept of "Paketstationen". 

They are large yellow automated shelves that are accessible 24/7. You can have your package delivered there - instead of having it sent home. If you are like me and don't want to risk missing the mail man and having someone else have to accept the package for you, or have to hunt it down at the post office the day after, or have it stolen, you sign up for a Paketstation. 

It's free of charge and incredibly easy to set up. You register online, get a personal number assigned to you, and then receive a card in the mail that lets you access the shelves. If you want to order something and have it delivered there, you just type "Packstation Number xy" (each station has it's own number) and your personal number into the address field. 

When the package arrives, you get a text with a pin. With this pin, you can go to the machine, swipe the card, enter the pin, and "your door" magically pops open!

In my case: there was a box with pillows behind the door! 

The box was a bit beat up.
At least, it was much easier to carry this way. 

This is what it looks like (or rather: half of it). Luckily, our closest Paketstation is only a 2minute walk away. 

Oh, and you can also use this to send out packages! For people who regularly mail out a number of packages, this is quite handy, I would imagine. You can drop them in there at any time of day, with no line in front of you, and have them be picked up by the mail people. 
So handy! 

I know, it's crazy, like Nicholas Cage.
I am convinced that we should bring this idea to the U.S. - and before you are wondering, no, neither DHL nor the German mail has told me to say this. I'm just absolutely amazed by this invention. So simple and wonderful!

You know what else is wonderful? I made some big plans for the time after I have survived this terrible flu:
I will start running again. Whaaaaaaaa!!
I can't even handle it. Yes, I will start very slowly (probably with a run around the block), but it's a start and I am thrilled!!!

Do you have big plans for this weekend/ upcoming days/ weeks?

Do you like getting packages in the mail like I do?

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