Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pillow Talk.

This post is going to be quite short.

Remember the beautiful bike ride through the city on Sunday? Well, the crisp October air did not only smell great, it also got me sick.

So I am laying in bed, drinking my tea with honey - and feeling guilty.

As you all know, my brother is staying with me this week. Of course, I am not forcing him to bring his own bedding. I decided to give him my pillow and blanket (yes, in Germany, it is not uncommon to have two separate blankets in the master bedroom), since I would use Nick's bedding set anyways.

Well. Here is the thing.

Nick has been saying that his pillow is uncomfortable. It has been washed before and the inside is a "little" lumpy. He even asked me if we could go and get new pillows. So I kept looking out for deals on pillows here or there, thinking to myself that some time before Christmas, we would definitely get him a new one.

Then he left and I put my head on this thing that up until then I called pillow.

Oh. My. Word.

It feels like someone formed big balls out of newspapers, stuffed them in there, and called it a day.

It is the most uncomfortable thing you could ever imagine.



Trowing a towel over a rock would be more pleasant to rest your head on than this.

Needless to say, I feel horrible. How did I underestimate the urgency of this situation so much?!

I have no excuse. Instead, I am feeling terrible guilt, because I should have tried sleeping on this thing before. It just never occurred to me that something that looks like a (little bit lumpy) pillow could not be comfy.

It's not. It's not at all.

So I didn't waste any more time and ordered not one, but two new pillows online.
It will be here before he gets home and I can only hope that it will be the most comfortable and fluffy pillow in the history of mankind.

Until then. I emptied the pillowcase and stuffed my down vest in there. It's quite pathetic looking and actually feels like I am sleeping on a pack of kleenex, but it's still better than the torturous lumpy thing. Plus, if Nick could handle sleeping on a bag of rocks for 4 months, while leaving the soft and comfy pillow for me, I can deal with this for a week.


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