Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yelling at People in Public and Seasonal Things

Normally, when Lucy and I go to the park, she is the one who gets barked at.
Well, today, I did.

I'm a god owner who feels bad if my dog misbehaves and I try to "fix things", apologize, and set Lucy straight. I want her to be a good dog and usually, she is. She just doesn't know how to slow down when she is running, so once she is up to speed, she turns into a canon ball, and, if you have treats in your pocket, she will probably jump on you and beg for them. Those are the biggest issues with her at the park.

Today, that place was packed! There were about 10 to 13 dogs and Lucy was in heaven. She was jumping around, jumping on other dogs, barking, and just happy as a clam. All the dog owners, including me, were just hanging out.

About 3 minutes into us being there, one of the dog owners starts barking yelling at me. I should get my beast (Lucy, I'm assuming) under control. At the time, I didn't even see or hear Lucy, she was just hanging with the dogs.

It took me a moment to realize the anger was geared towards me.


It didn't go well. I didn't see the problem. The owner got louder. It was an overall uncomfortable situation.

There were tons of people. I am socially awkward and I don't like talking to strangers. (Maybe I should have mentioned that to her?!) Needless to say, I was completely overwhelmed with the situation, but too sleep deprived and sick to yell back. So I just told her what I thought about her yelling and sat down to hang out for another hour, while she kept going.

If Kim can get it, you can get it.
I felt like everyone was staring (and they were).

You don't yell at strangers in public for no reason. It's rude. What the are people thinking?! I am just pretending assuming she had a rough day herself and hope next time, it will be a lot more pleasant to go there.

So yea, that was a lot of fun.

Thankfully, her royal rudeness left the park later and we could all relax a little bit.
It was a gorgeous day today, after all. For the last few days, I have been eyeing (or eying?) oranges and mandarines (or mandarins? I'm clearly confused about additional vowels in English words). In Germany, the late fall and winter months are when we enjoy these orange colored citrus fruits.

You know how there are all things pumpkin marking the fall in the U.S.? It is a similar with these fruits in Germany. (Sadly, we don't have anything pumpkin. Feel free to send pumpkin care packages.)

We have had many conversations about this in our home, but to me, oranges and mandarines are winter fruits. There are countless memories I have from when I was a kid, when of all of us were sitting together and Mama was peeling oranges and apples on a winter evening. For me, the smell of oranges only fits into this season. This is also when these fruits are the sweetest and most delicious.

Today, I bought 2 bags of mandarines. They aren't great yet, but our apartment now smells like Christmas is coming. At least to me.

What is a typical seasonal item for you? 

Are there pumpkin things where you live?

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