Friday, October 18, 2013

I Remembered Something and One of Those Days

As I was posting the beautiful picture of Justin Bieber earlier, I thought of the first time I ever saw him on a video.

Let me share it with you: 

I am still amused. This little boy in unbelievable.

Aside from these little moments of joy, today has been everything but cheerful. One might even say it sucked. Let me warn you, there has been lots of whining going on over here. 

On top of missing Nick, I am still feeling like crap, so I had the glorious idea, to drag my dying body out the door and to the pharmacy. Since I am not a fan of the grocery store on Saturdays and the pharmacy being right by the grocery store, I figured that I should just get all the food while I'm out and be done! 

As I was biking to the store, I remembered that I don't just need bread and tea, but also a number of other things - including a case of water, milk, bananas (heavy, bulky things). Normally, that is not a problem. I have brought home a case of water on my bike before. The thing was just, back then, I had a backpack. Today, I didn't. 

So I grabbed everything I needed, plus a little bucket of cole slaw (yes, they are sold in little cute buckets here). As I was approaching my bike, I was still hopeful that everything would go well. This feeling quickly vanished, as I piled up filled up the little basket. I still had a big shopping bag that I was able to just carry over my shoulder, however, then the not-so-unthinkable happened. My bike tipped over. Everything I had lovingly squeezed into basket and shoulder bag emptied itself onto the pavement. 


Of course, I am yelling as I am picking up my 432.938.761.928.376 things - and if the situation wasn't challenging enough - this guy that was riding by, stopped his bike to tell me I shouldn't be "this aggressive". Wtf?! Why not?!? 


To me, this whole scenario called for an anger outburst. So that's what I did. There were no children around, just me and my groceries on the ground. I acted appropriately. 

After I picked everything up and walked home, I did what every adult in this situation would do. 
I don't even know what it was. The headache, the sore throat, the groceries, the commentator, or Nick being gone. 


Don't worry, things have simmered down since then. 
I am proud to say that I successfully ate every last piece of gummy candy in the apartment. There truly is nothing like a healthy coping mechanism. 

Unfortunately, now I'm out of candy and will have to go to the store tomorrow.

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