Monday, October 7, 2013

Minor Victory Monday and Smells.

It is Monday!

Thankfully, I remembered just in time - late last night - that I had not one, but two doctor's appointments scheduled for today. One with the orthopedist and one with the dentist. I am happy to announce that I was on time to both and survived them, too.

The first one, at the orthopedist office, was probably my greatest concern. I left my crutches in Baltimore, because I started feeling better - and I was unimaginably sick and tired of them.

While there are voices claiming that one can rock those crutches...



And no. 

I know for a fact that I always felt and looked like this: 


So I am happy to announce that nobody made me go back to Baltimore to get those crutches back. 
I am officially off those darn things and this is definitely a victory! 

There is no going back to running quite yet, but it is getting there. The orthopedist, who is always my favorite doctor, if she doesn't give me shots, told me that she will leave it to me to decide when it is time to get back into running. So tomorrow it is!! Just kidding. Probably not before November, but it will come. 

Until then, I will be happily walking around without crutches and getting back to doing groceries by bike! 

Which I just did - and let me tell you something, I have always been a person who associates smells with memories. I remember being in Upstate New York, smelling fresh cut grass and getting incredibly homesick, because it smelled just like my parents' backyard on a Saturday evening. Tonight, the air reminded me of my childhood, because it smelled like it always would when winter was around the corner. It made me incredibly happy. Not just because it is a clear sign that Christmas and my birthday are around the corner (although, I can't deny that this is a big plus, too), but because I have such wonderful memories of this time of year growing up. 

Are you a "smell" person? Are you reminded of things easily just my smells?

What is your favorite smell? - That depends on the season. For right now, the crisp air in the morning and at night, but also "pumpkin pie" scented candles (or just pumpkin pie!). 

Do you have a least favorite smell - something that others don't find bothering at all? - dried lavender, pickled ginger, and 4711.

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