Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Days like this...

... when you sleep in much longer than you intended to - there is normally no hope for the day to end well, but it did.

To take a step back: last night, I announced my grand plans for today to Nick. They involved getting up at a time that even other people (not just us) would refer to as "morning", going to the gym, having breakfast, going to the office, and being back home and done by 7pm.

I woke up at a time that most people would call noon.

By the time I got home from the gym, other people already have had lunch - maybe they were already thinking about dinner.

When we had finished our "breakfast", the intention of going to the office had vanished and was postposed to tomorrow.

Things like that are the reason for my constant suspicion that I am not a practicing adult. Just one on paper.

However, I should probably not forget that most nights, I am up until 2am or later. Nick usually takes Lucy on her last walk around 4am. We live in our own little microcosm with its own time zone, I guess.

Still, I wish I could have stuck to my plan. So what does one do if the plan fails? Be sad for a moment and then make new plans. For me, that meant: getting lots of errands done and moving today's plan to tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed that my body will randomly acknowledge that we are in Germany and it's okay to get up at 8am - even though my inner clock tells me it's six hours earlier. (To make sure this will work out, I am currently challenging half a bottle of screw-cap wine. So smart, I know.)

While the day started off on the wrong hour, it has been really nice and productive.

I did a 35min training on the bike (still with no heart rate monitor), worked on my arms, abs, and back.

Then Nick and I had breakfast. I had missed our breakfast.

Find the peanut butter I smuggled brought back with me!

Especially quark, Mama's homemade jam, and breakfast eggs!

I am also convinced that if I had gone to the office, I would not have spent a good amount of time staring at this gorgeous tree from our balcony. Nick is right, it does get brighter, and brighter by day. 

This photo is not that representative of the actual colors.
So please imagine the brightest orange/yellow you can think of.
Thank you. 

I got a lot of mail done and finally dropped off Nick's dry cleaning. The evening was my favorite part, because I got to read and received a surprise phone call from my best friend from high school. We haven't seen each other in about 7 years (or 8?) and don't get to talk often, but when we do, it is always great to catch up. You know that you have spent time talking to a good friend on the phone when, afterwards, you look like this: 

Yes. I have a phone imprint on my face.
(and very messy hair) 

Now it's time to finish this wine. Here is to an earlier start and an equally happy day tomorrow.

What did you do today?

Are you a planner? And do you normally stick to your plans? - yes. And yes. (I get really antsy if my plans don't work out. Gummy candy usually comes for the rescue.)

Do you still talk/ are best friends with your best friend from high school? - yes.


  1. A.) Yes and yes (with planning being the fun-part:P)
    B.) No, El Capitan is way too busy:-)

  2. El Capitan, I feel very honored then that you take the time to read my blog AND comment on it. Keep it up and don't work too much :o)