Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Post that was Never Posted and How Angela Merkel Inspired a Snack-Duel

So, I sat down to write a post yesterday and ended up typing a few paragraphs before deciding that I should just close my laptop and leave it. It would have been a sad post and such a downer - and so unnecessary.

Sometimes, there are things that I miss where we are now and it takes me a minute to realize that I am being unreasonable. Nick and I are together and that is all that matters. We get to spend this time here in Germany right next to each other. I always get to be on his side and that is the only place I ever want to be. If you know me, you also know that I will jump on any opportunity to complain when it presents itself. (trust me, I do) However, those aren't real problems. I should appreciate the incredible opportunities that were/ are given to both of us and focus on those. We have a lot to be thankful for and happy about.

With that being said, Nick and I have some traveling coming up and we won't be able to see each other for weeks at a time. Then, be prepared, there will be lots of some complaining. I am almost certain I told you before that whenever I am by myself and he is not around, I have no "center of gravity" anymore (as Nick would put it). My sleeping schedule disappears and I eat worse than a 5 year old who is home alone. I am not kidding. Nothing but candy, ice cream, and canned food (that may or may not be heated up and may or may not be eaten straight from the can).

Until then, there are still a few days left, which we are enjoying together as much as possible.
Our weekend started on Friday with a walk to pick up ice cream. Soon, all the gelato places will close for the winter and we have to go as many times as we can before this happens.

Even Lucy came and she did great! She laid down under the table and waited until we were done.
(The last time we took her with us to grab food, she made a scene... and by that, I mean she made a BIG scene. There were many loud noises of high and low pitch, climbing on benches, pulling the table, jumping on people...) So she got a well deserved doggy treat.

(As I am typing this, she is laying by my feet and just farted up a storm... gross! Maybe payback that she didn't get ice cream?!)

An old picture, because I forgot to take one,
but luckily I am boring and always order the same thing: berries, yoghurt, mango!

Afterwards, we picked up döner, lamachun, wine and beer.

On Saturday, we went to the dog park first thing in the morning at 11am. (Early bird catches the worm!)

Lucy took care of checking if there was food hidden in the ground. 

Nothing there. 
Then, an eight months old chocolate labrador named "Rocky" came and was totally smitten by Lucy. She felt harassed and couldn't handle it - so she did what any lady would do: she dug herself a whole in the ground and hid in it. Bottoms first.

Then, we did a tour around Berlin and had a coffee picnic at the Castle Charlottenburg. Here, we watched two different wedding parties take pictures in front of the beautiful building.

If you look closely, you can see the white wedding dress
on the left in between all those dark suits and dresses. 

Isn't this gorgeous?! I just love this castle. It is still unbelievable to me that we live a 5 minute train ride away from this. 

All that walking and people watching made us really hungry. We found a cool pizza place that had the most delicious chicken-curry-pineapple pizza I have ever tasted. I have to admit, it was also the first chicken-curry-pineapple pizza I have ever tasted - but still, it was much better than I had ever imagined. 

Chicken Curry Pizza, Salad with Tuna,
and a ton of bread (somewhere on the left). 
Today, we had the most low key Sunday in the history of mankind. Sleeping in, eating, reading, eating, and more reading. 
Then, we watched the debate on TV. As you all know, elections in Germany are only 3 weeks away!! I won't be here at the time, so I will have my own little election party this week and then mail out my vote. 

For some reason, while Merkel and Steinbrück were fighting their duel on TV, we had a snack duel with my parents via whatsapp. 

Nick had posted a picture of the snack pack we were about to have. 

Each compartment with a different snack. Genius idea!

My dad responded with this: 

Same idea, different brand. 

Then I posted this: 

And this: 

And then my parents responded with this:

I am not sure yet what all of this means, but I am certain we all had a really good time watching the debate. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

If you had to choose: Chips, pretzel sticks, or peanuts covered with chips-coating?

Do you miss someone or something where you are?

Do you have any fun plans for the week?

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