Friday, September 27, 2013

Missing and Jet "leg"

First of all, my talk is done and over with.
I am still alive and all is wonderful.

Except, I miss Nick. It just doesn't feel right without having him by my side and I can't wait to be back in Berlin with him.

I drove through our old neighborhood today and could not pass by our house. It would have given me the rest. Even though it is "only" a 12 hr travel (with bus and flights), he is just so far away.


To keep myself occupied over the next days, I have a lot of appointments scheduled - and I can blog!
I am sure you are all dying to know how my flight was and how things are going.

Well tonight, I will fill you in on all the traveling I did to get here.

I had a one stop flight from Berlin to New York with a 45min. layover in Munich.
There is so much to say about these two flights that I will do the unthinkable and give you bullet points (because I'm really tired right now and lazy in general). In my defense, there will also be a lot of pictures.

First flight:
- it was bumpy
- it rained when we took off
- it rained when we landed

- the plane was empty!

This was after they said "boarding is complete".
Of course, everyone jumped up and grabbed a row of 3 seats for themselves.
Except me, because I'm slow. 
- they gave us the greatest crackers (no picture, unfortunately) and granola bars for a snack! (on a 55 minute flight!)

- landed in Munich on time at gate G4
- had to board plane Nr. 2 at gate H2 and figured, that should be a piece of cake (G4, H2... they are probably right next to each other!)
- I was mistaken
- Note to self: the Munich airport is humungous.
- made it to gate H2 with lots of running (hello stress fracture, almost forgot about you)

Second Flight: 

- if you ever wanted to know what the German word "Arschkarte" means: This is it.

- This was my view (you can see the corner of my seat in the lower left of the picture) - yes, the flight was 8.5hrs long
- The great food distracted me for a while
- Flying Lufthansa is already worth it for the amazing meals they have

Indian Vegetarian Option

Rice in the Middle. Not sure about the rest, but it was delicious! 
So spicy! (too much for me to handle)

The cutest smurf-salad! But very fresh. 

German bread. Enough said.

- Then my neighbor fell asleep. And snored. Loudly.
- Then the 2 year old in front of me cried, kicked the seats around her, screamed... didn't sleep (and neither did I)
- Then the 1 year old behind me did the same thing. With more crying.

- I watched BigBangTheory

- We landed on time.
- 4 hrs left for the 1 hr train ride to Penn Station
- waited in immigration for 2.5 hrs, plus 20 mins to have my paperwork looked at again, looked for my
  suitcase, ran to the train - with 1 hr left to get to Penn Station
- decided it is all going to fail. Jumped on the street to grab a taxi and cut off about 70 people waiting in  
  line for it. (Sorry, everyone!! I promise, next time I will wait in line, too.)
- flew in said taxi to Penn Station
- was guided across the street to make it into the bus 1 minute before we left
- but the weather was great!

- two days without sleep at this point.
- so grateful for this food in my backpack. I would have starved otherwise.
(note to self: keep carrying random food around with you. It is really worth it!)

This is the last picture of my headphones.
Right before I lost them. 

- I'm so upset that I lost my wonderful headphones. I know exactly where I left them: on the bus. The lack of sleep must have completely messed with my skills to keep everything I own and not lose my favorite things. 
- made it to our car 
- it started right away. So thankful it did!

I got to the hotel safely and can only say that there are moments when a comfortable bed is all you need. Those 6 hrs time difference get me every time. 
My knee didn't like the traveling at all. It's been on and off painful and it seems as if the flight didn't help the healing process. So there is also something that is called a jet leg (which is an annoying stress fracture that took a long trip on a plane). 

This was already a few days ago. I will catch up with you tomorrow on what I've been doing. 
For now, I am going to bed. 

How have you been?

Have you traveled to a place that was in a different time zone? How did it go?

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