Monday, September 9, 2013

Eating Scrap Metal, the Greatest Six Pack, and Minor Victory Monday

Happy Monday, you guys!

Wasn't it the best weekend ever?! Here in Berlin, it sure was. It was so warm and gorgeous that Nick, Lucy, and I spent a lot of time outside and at the dog park.

On Saturday, Lucy got into another fight with a dog, but everyone is okay, there was no blood, nobody got hurt - except for our furry family member's feelings.
You see, she loves playing with the other dogs there, but she loooooooves getting pet by so many different people - who, of course, are not just people but also owners who belong to the other dogs. Some of those owners are only "allowed" to give attention to their dog and other owners "need to be protected". So in both of those cases, Lucy is not appreciated to walk storm up to the person to get cuddles... and this is just what happened on Saturday. Our pup wanted to say hello and get attention, and a Newfoundland-Labrador mix protected his owner from Lucy. She screamed, and cried, and barked hysterically, but nothing bad happened. I think it was more of a shock to me than anyone else.

I am a big fan of fall, so I have been waiting for rain and cool air and this morning, it finally happened. It was windy, wet, and there were leaves flying all over the place. Time to think about hot chocolate, cookies, and beef stew. I am thrilled!

Speaking of cookies, do you want to see my favorite picture of a six pack?

Isn't this genius!?
Six of the most delicious kinds of cookies combined in one pack! Oooh yes! 

On Saturday night, Nick and I went to a bar to play darts. As you know, it is one of our favorite things to do. We can spend hours talking and throwing darts at a board and won't even notice how much time flies. With my stupid knee, we haven't been able to go for a while, but we just had to give it a try this past weekend and it worked okay. 

Nick throws his darts so much faster than me.
Maybe that's why mine not always make it
all the way to the board. 

We made the best use of the walk to the bar, by picking up lamachun and döner on the way (still my favorite dinner). They are always wrapped in aluminum foil and if you are a normal person, you will have no issues eating your lamachun or döner while walking. Of course, I had to bite a piece of foil and chew on it. With an amalgam filling. That was far from awesome. Holy cow that hurts! I was so shocked about what happened that I just swallowed the foil. 
This whole thing would be forgivable if it had only happened once... and I wish I could tell you it did and that I leaned from it. But by the time we arrived at the bar, I am almost certain, I had eaten not only my whole lamachun, but also half of the foil they used to wrap it. 
No, I can neither tell you which food group aluminum is nor what's wrong with me. 

While I would not necessarily file eating scrap metal under a "minor victory", I still have to share one with you. 
As of today, Nick doesn't have to give me anymore shots!! 


We made it through all 40 of them and I am so happy for both of us that this is over. 

Now I can focus on getting off of my crutches and working out a marathon training plan. 
Just kidding. 
Sort of. 

What are your plans for the week?

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