Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to the Roots

Dear people who kindly read my blog,
I will probably not get to post too regularly these days (as you may have already noticed).

Aside from working hard on that presentation, I got the particularly unpleasant surprise that I will be spending some quality time at the dentist office to receive yet another root canal treatment in just a few hours.
It's not my first one, so I know how much it hurts and it will never get easier for me to deal with. 

 This might actually happen.


So, on Wednesday, I will be flying out to Baltimore for a few days and I am hoping that once I am there and have my talk behind me (one way or the other), I can finally fall back into the daily blogging schedule. 
Until then, please bare with me.

In anticipation of the upcoming and very promising events - is there a better way to spend Friday 13?! Didn't think so.

Are you superstitious? (do black cats freak you out?)

Have you ever had a root canal done? Yes. But only Nick, the dentist, and I know how many. 

Do you have a favorite day/date? Other than our anniversary date, I really like tuesdays (always have) and with 24 being my favorite number (Have I ever told you about my synesthesia?), any tuesday on the 24th is a great day!
(Of course, if it happens to be in December, then it's the greatest day ever - not just because of the day and number, but also due to the numerous ridiculously exquisite gifts I am hoping to receive for Christmas.)

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