Friday, September 6, 2013

Paradise, Miniature Porcelain, and Nothing Compares to This.

As you all have read, I used my mom's birthday as an excuse to spend a few days stuffing my face with food. I even exchanged sleep with more hours of eating, which, I have to say, I am rarely willing to do. Normally, sleep wins over everything.

Coming from their place, being on the bus was somewhat of a culture shock.
At their house, I am surrounded by the most gorgeous flora you can imagine. I snapped a few more pictures right before I left, so that I can share them with you.

You see the little fish in the pond?

Don't ask me how long I waited for this guy to look out of the water.

This picture doesn't even do justice to the many many colors
that you can see around the pond. 

Mama's green house. 

She has at least 4 different kinds of tomatoes in there and cucumbers

These are my favorite!

The second terrace with toys for my brother's kids.

Black berries growing all over the fence. 

Apple trees.

More flowers.

The main terrace.

Flowers all around the yard.

Last, but not least, the gorgeous bouquet that
 my dad gave my mom for her big day. 

In case you wanted to know what we got Mama, Nick and I went and bought a miniature tea set of "Reuter" porcelain.

So tiny! 
The banana was not part of the gift. The banana was the food I took with me for the road. I wish I had known before, how the bus ride was going to go, then I would have taken more. Maybe even wine.

On the bus, of the 54 available seats, 54 were taken. Luckily, the girl who sat down next to me seemed very nice. She didn't speak one word with me, though. In my head it wasn't because she thought I was weird, but because she was a foreign exchange student who didn't know the language.

The two girls behind me, however, were obnoxious and loud. Let me rephrase that: The two girls behind me had me fantasizing about jumping out of the bus. Then, we got stuck in traffic for 2 hours, which left me stuck on my seat for 6.5 hours, with those two behind me. My favorite part was that the bathroom on the bus was broken.

Needless to say, I am more than happy to be home now. Nick welcomed me with coffee and a cleaned apartment (because he knows that his OCD wife doesn't like coming home to a dirty place). So sweet and thoughtful - especially, since he has been working very long hours.

Even if it is only 1 day that I don't get to see him, I feel completely lost without Nick. So being back with him is the best part.

Nothing compares to coming home.

Where is your favorite place?

Do you pack snacks for the road when you go on a trip? What is your "go to" road-trip snack?

What are your plans for the weekend? To enjoy the sun!

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