Saturday, September 28, 2013

So disappointing - so disappointing.

Every time I am thinking about blogging now, the day is already over and I am dead tired. The other day, I wrote a blog while falling asleep (or vice versa) - and thank goodness, I didn't publish it.
Have you ever fallen asleep while you were typing on your laptop or even (Mama, don't read to the end of this paragraph) while taking notes in school?! To an extend, it is the funniest thing, but I am certain that the 3 readers of this blog would turn their backs on me, if I left them with those sadly scribbled hieroglyphs.

Anyways, I know, I am such a terrible disappointment right now and believe me, I am not proud of myself.

I am still in the U.S., in Baltimore, and I still miss Nick a whole lot. So I am trying to fill my day with a lot of great things (like drinking lots of coffee or going to the gym a lot) to make time fly just a bit faster.

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In addition to this, I am staying with our wonderful friends, who kindly opened their home to me and we spend a lot of time talking or eating - or both. I still can't believe that their little daughter thinks I'm cool and lets me play with her. It's the greatest thing! She calls my name every single morning - at least that is what I hear her say (She might just be hungry or need a diaper change). She also lets me play with her in her incredible play-room, just so that I can keep myself occupied. (There is even a little circus tent in that room, seriously people, we should all have circus tents in our homes.)

The gym was only a good idea until I did something to my shoulder muscle. I was on the shoulder press and noticed on the 7th repetition (of my third set of 15) that something felt weird. Next thing I know is that I pushed those weights up only once more, because it "cracked" or "plopped" right by my shoulder blade and since then, life has been a miserable painful mess.

Have you ever read Kafka's Metamorphosis? (If not, you should. It's one of my favorite texts of his and such a wonderful piece of writing.) I feel like a beetle that is on its back and can't get up. So after a terrible, restless night, I did the most logical thing and went to the gym yesterday. Hear me out! In theory - I thought - that if you loosen your muscles, it will get much better and I will just stretch and life will be beautiful again.
All went well and until I couldn't pull the parking ticket out of the meter, this sounded like a reasonable plan. So instead, I went to the health center.

I want to spare you the details, but nothing is too terrible. It is clearly a spasm and a tear and most importantly: if I had to use my crutches right now, I wouldn't be able to. So I am walking extra careful while looking like Quasi Modo.

So today, I took a gym break and rested my broken body.

Instead, I watched First Position, which instantly made me feel much better and so much less in pain. Those dancers... I don't even have words. Have you watched this documentary? I saw a trailer about a year ago and have looked for it on DVD ever since. Now it is out on Netflix and I just had to watch it. Thankfully, our friends are very patient and watched it with me up until the end.

These kids are truly amazing dancers. You should absolutely watch it. (After you read Kafka, of course.)

Now it's bedtime again, before the crazy scribbling begins.

Have a fantastic evening!

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