Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gentlemens' Jam and Mirabelle Plums

Guten Morgen! How is everyone doing on this gorgeous Saturday?

I spent my morning doing laundry, taking the dog out, and writing a grocery list for later.

This made me think of a type of jam, which I bought the last time I was at the store. See, in Germany, you can find certain products that are specifically geared towards men. Not only shampoo or shower gel, but also food, like chocolates and cakes. When I went to get croissants I had the idea to grab "Gentlemen's Jam" (Herrenkonfitüre) for Nick, too.

It is a jam that is less sweet, with ingredients that remind of an "Old Fashioned": oranges, red berries, whiskey, and a little bit of peach. It has somewhat of a "bitter" or tart taste.

Of course, it comes in a black tin. So manly. 

This is one of the things that I had completely forgotten about. Now, I remember that my dad would always be really fond of this jam and Nick seems to like it, too. 
I still prefer Mama's homemade jam - the sweeter the better. But then again, the "Man Jam" is not made for me anyways. 

Another thing I forgot about are "Mirabellen". They are a type of plum - yellow, tiny, and incredibly sweet. 

Oh you guys! If you have never had them, drop everything you are doing right this second and go and get some! If you can't find them at your store, book a flight and come here. 

This is what they look like on the inside.

You could make incredible jam out of these, but I will probably never make it that far, because I just have to eat them right away. (No, I have no self control. Never had.)

Since we don't have our own mirabelle-plum tree, I am more than thankful to have been given about 6lbs of this terrific fruit when I was visiting my parents. 

This sweet lady you see in the picture (the one on the right), is one of the nicest ladies you could ever meet. My mom and her used to be colleagues at the Kindergarden and they have since then been close friends. The entire town where I grew up knows her and calls her "Aunt Hannelore". She is just everybody's aunt. 

She is the greatest and I am not even joking when I tell you that it is her who keeps up the yard you see behind us in the picture - and she picks all the fruit off the trees. She is unstoppable. 

Now, I will see what Nick is up to. All this talk about food got me really hungry. 

Happy Saturday!

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